Feeding from a distance

Is it possible to establish some sort of stable link to somebody’s psychic energy and feed om idefinetely. If so, how would you couple that with evocation and binding the person. Thanks in advance…

Stablishing a link it’s possible, but you should dedicate some time daily (not much need) to reinforce it. You’ll evocate the image of the person in your minds eye, then you’ll project some symbol, or would make a map of treasure/collage with your pictures in wich you’d see energy flowing from he/she to you unidirectionally (a simple arrow)

Or how about projecting some sigil wich means something like, you’ll feed me indefinitely?

I’m good at remote influencing, but yet haven’t tried vampirism, although it’s on my list, but first is yoga

Already found a way that satisfies me, but thank you for your help.

You’re welcome, I’m curious what way you using?

It’s really just evoking the person and trapping it in an object. The object is the material link, not a vessel souls can’t escape. But it’s a stable connection nevertheless. That’s enough to be able to feed on the person whenever wanted/needed. Another idea that came to me was using a sympathetic Magick for that. That would look kind of like this:
1.taking picture of the person I want to feed on
2. covering it with a symbol that represent “giving” or "loosing energy"
3. activate the symbol
4.take a picure of you and cover it with a symbol for “receiving” or "taking energy"
5.cover your picture with that symbol
6. put the two next to each other an hold the inention in mind, that you are fed by the energy

Nice form of doing it