February 14, 2021 - Numberology (my version)

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February 14, 2021


Broken Down: 333 (twice), 222

333 + 333 is 666 is 18 is 9

Vibration 9 (3^³)

333 + 222 is 555 is 15 is 6

Vibration 6 (3^²)

333 + 333 + 222 is 888 is 24 is 6


You may have seen this number and automatically think it’s a sign of a bad omen or the Devil/Satan/the Anti-Christ/The Evil One, whatever you call him/it…is about to creep up on you! Do not be afraid! This number has greatly been misunderstood, mainly from horror films and pop-culture, but I’m here to clear the air once and for all!

One of the most important messages behind 666 is to be aware of your thoughts- specifically, ones that carry the vibration of worry, fear, anxiety, or being too focused on monetary issues like finances, and buying things thinking it’s going to make us happy, for example. Sometimes situations, people, and things can influence us to feel this way and can be very challenging to stay positive. Have you caught yourself thinking of worst-case scenarios? Our thoughts carry energy like a light beam sent out to the Universe (good or bad) and those thoughts get sent back to us. Change your focus to thoughts of things you do want. Better yet, ask the angels, Universe, Source what your fears are and that you need their help finding a solution and to help you think positive thoughts. When we give in to fear and let our ego take over rather than living in our highest truth which is love and peace, our mind, body, and spirit are knocked out of alignment of the Universal flow. Additionally, when we worry and live in fear in our lives it’s like putting up a barrier to receiving blessings from the Universe, as opposed to thinking and feeling thoughts of love, peace, harmony, being in the flow, and trusting in the Universe.

Message 666 is asking you to realign your thoughts to more loving, positive, which will raise your vibration for more positive outcomes! Seeing this number is a little nudge from the Universe to have faith that your needs will always be met. Sometimes it’s easier said than done ‘just change your thoughts,’ especially if we’ve been going through difficult times. You could consider taking a walk: by a body of water, somewhere in nature, exercise, try yoga or meditation, take a relaxing salt bath, listen to a happy song, make a list of things you’re grateful for, try volunteering, do something nice for others, try aromatherapy or reiki session with a certified practitioner….(mhmmm I happen to know one, ah hemm, me! ;))

The Universe is always supporting you, but first, we must ask for the angels’ help and you must also be willing to listen! Trust your intuition, open your heart, and be open to receiving miracles and all the wonderful things life has to offer. Because you deserve it!

Source: https://www.chakratoya.com/blog/angel-number-666-meaning

6th Dimension- Star system, Sirius, Egyptology, quantum mechanics - hieroglyphics, ceremonial activity, consciousness patterns and awareness raising, crop circles, higher vibratory sense of larger worlds and energy cycles. (9th house / Jupiter)

9th Dimension - Center of Milky Way Galaxy (Galactic Center / spiritual home/truths) Mayan Calendar / Akashic Records

The Gods/Goddesses of Love

You can use image for scrying to help heal or to feel love for yourself.

To help visualize it’s okay to own both parts of yourself.


Not that anyone is going to ask; however, here is my very simple math on this! I just went with what felt right. :heart:

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Seems related to Tesla 3 6 9

Happy Love’s day!

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Oh i thought feb 14 was just sunday :cry:

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@ARD :slight_smile: it’s whatever you want it to be. i am just working on my path.

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