Feasting with Belial

After a year and a half of dealing with my legal issues they have come to an end. The DA dismissed my case and my legal issues are over. I’m celebrating with Belial as I made a pact with him. I also promised Belial we would celebrate with a sushi meal. I will be burning all the legal documents I had in the altar. But, I’m having some internal challenges. I don’t want to burn and destroy the sygil I created. I love it. Do most of you guys destroy the sygil or continue to use the same sygil? I like to carry the sygil in my purse.


Congrats on the winning, I’m glad for you.
I tend to use the same, unless I do one in a hurry and don’t like the results, so later I do another and throw away the other, although thinking through this, I think maybe I should try to use the energy that accumulated in it through the summoning :thinking:


Ask Belial to indicate what you should do, destroying them isn’t necessary if you work with them a lot and are happy to have that energy constantly in your life.


You are right. I placed so much energy into Belial’s sygil that it hurts my heart thinking of destroying it. It is a part of me after this long journey with Belial assisting me. Not too long ago, I bought a fancy leather coach pouch, and I now keep the sygils that I’m not using in that pouch. I have my Leviathan and Bune’s sygils kept away in that pouch. I might give Belial a break and place the sygil in that pouch.


Hello @Lady_Eva,

I’m not going to destroy it. I am going to keep it. I don’t mind the energy. I am used to Belials’s energy. Now, not too long ago, I left leviathans sygil open. Man!!! His energy was something else and I only found balanced after going to the beach.


That I so awesome congrats on beating your case and I just keep mine

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Yeah and than you can use it again or just leave there, keeping its energy for yourself.

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