Lately I have been thinking a lot about fear. I have often heard it is an illusion. Since then I find myself constantly staring it down when it arises.

What are your thoughts? Do you think fear is an illusion? Or valid?

Fear is the body’s natural response to actual danger or imposed danger. So if you feel fearful either your subconscious or immediate conscious senses something that is off, or you may just have anxiety and need to see a doctor. If the fear comes for no good reason at all and you can’t figure out why, I’d see a doc and get some meds. If you are seeing things, maybe you are seeing spirits wishing to tell you something that you cannot hear or understand just yet?

Fear is an emotion, so it is as real as any other emotion, creating various physiological effects in the body, and varied effects in the mind depending on the persons development and interpretation of the fear.