Fear when invoking Lucifer

Hello all, I am new and recently made an introduction on the forum. I hope to be a supportive member of the community here.

So I have begun work on my attempt on the Draconian Current and recently completed the Ascending Flame Project. My issue: I noticed on about the 4th night that during the invocation I began to have a very strong sense of fear. I feared that something hostile was in the room. In particular, I was afraid that a large spider was going to jump out at me, like a large tarantula. I sat frozen in fear in front of the altar for about 20 minutes but I did not close early. I spoke the prepared words and closed in a manner like the previous nights.

Any help in understanding this? I did a small visualization with the same sigil and personal invocation to Lucifer but I had a slight sense of the same fear tonight. In fact I heard a strange sound as I blew out the candles, almost like an insect sound. I made it known to Lucifer, with the utmost respect, that I would like to quell and be relieved of fear.

Any ideas on what this is or any similar experiences? Thank you very much; Hails.


I felt the same way when I first started working with Lucifer. I was afraid that I would be betrayed, and that he would use my trust against me. Despite this, I still felt drawn to Lucifer, and so I asked him how I could remove this fear.

What he told me was “invoke to overcome fear.” In other words, he suggested that I summon him and request to work with him, and that by doing so he would demonstrate to me his trustworthiness.

I continued to work with him, and in the months that followed I learned more about myself than I had through any of the magick I had worked previously. I also manifested some rather splendid results outside of myself, and experienced my magick working more powerfully than it ever had before. It took some time, but I came to trust Lucifer.

Now, I am closer to Lucifer than I am any other spirit. His magick is not for everyone, but for those who feel his call, he can bring out your potential like no other system of magick can.

I wish you the best on your journey with Lucifer, friend.


Thank you for sharing my friend! I will admit, it is comforting to hear about someone that may have had a similar experience. I think I will do what you did with an invocation and a specific intent on asking Lucifer how to overcome this fear. Thanks again man!

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There is little to fear from Lucifer. When Lucifer makes his presence known, He will shine his light upon the deepest reaches of yourself. This can produce an incredible fear or other negative emotion. But it is ultimately a fear of the self. Everyone fears the truth to some degree or another. Lucifer with give you truth in spades. Keep working with him. It will get better. The fear must come up in order to be purged. When I first worked with him, I came face to face with all my shortcomings. I wept for hours with pure shame. He brings truth in all its forms.

Ave Lucifer!