Fear during rituals

I am obsessed with power. I recently got into HP Lovecraft’s mythos, and once I had gotten more familiar with working with normal spirits then I would make my way over there, but here is something. I felt like a presence wanted to be closer to me so I looked into a candle in a dark room to do my normal prayer to a demon, and I saw something in the flame.

A skull appeared and in the distance a large tall gate stood. I proceed moving there the skull disappeared, the gate got larger, I opened it up and and an entire area with white energy appeared, it felt amazing as I got close a faceless entity with what looked like tentacles came out of its head like medusa, but it felt alien like HP Lovecraft. It’s body was large almost like the size of godzilla but I was floating near its head.

It shocked me and I retracted my psychi due to fear, and dismissed any entities from entering my world, but can anyone put insight into this. As well as fear during any ritual working.

You piss in your pants and then keep going;) Try using the incantation Summoning of All Magickal Powers before any ritual may help. And yes Beleth and other spirits test magicians like that sometimes.[url=http://www.becomealivinggod.com/newsletter/4-incantations-to-conjure-limitless-power.php]http://www.becomealivinggod.com/newsletter/4-incantations-to-conjure-limitless-power.php[/url] [url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WdtH5bANEJc]- YouTube

Christopher Hyatt once said:

if you don’t experience fear in your spiritual practice, you are doing something wrong.

in other words, you’re doing it right!

i think that FEAR that we experience is actually not a fear at all, but, a real sensation - inner sensation, like a dimensional energy body response to contrast in energy between you and the entity you are calling.

to stay with that sensation of fear would be like acclimatizing (getting accustomed) with new vibrations of energy. like being in a pressure chamber, but on emotional level, let’s say.

when you think of it, the fear you might experience in evocation is not that different then fear you might have when asking a girl out, or meeting her dad if you’re 18 and she’s 15 hihiihi

so Fear is not Fear, but an inner range of sensations we are yet to uncover about ourselves.

may i just propose a fucking toast and congratulate this fucking system which made a good fucking job of leading people so astray

here’s to you, fuckers ,.l…

Fear of the unknown is an instinctual response. Especially when you encounter things that are alien, so far removed from anything your are familiar with, it can be unsettling to say the least. The good news is, novelty fades over time. As you get used to seeing it, it will become less distressing.

Some entities seem to radiate a fear inducing malevolence, but that’s very different than fear of the unknown.

The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown- H.P.Lovecraft. it’s no wonder you had fear the whole Lovecraft mythos is based in horror stories. What would you expect Rainbow Bright?

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Just to add ifbyou are doing Lovecraft mythos you should have fear it’s part of the experience just like going to a Halloween haunted house or a roller coaster. I called cthulu because I have been needing something to shake my monkey tree a bit. A large part of pathworking with cthulu and the lessons are the conquering of fear.

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Do you plan to let them?

Imagine this was people, and you’d lived all your life alone on an island with just a lovely family who raised you right in every way. And then you reached an age when wanted to explore the bigger world.

You would rightly be afraid of going to a busy city and meeting new people, and yes, some will try to harm you - would you let that stop you?

Wouldn’t you maybe analyse what you can do to keep the predators away, like walking confidently and with purpose, not letting fear crease you into a worried scuttling little target - and not believing everything you’re told, not getting drawn into conversation with shady types who try to get inside your mind and take more than they give… etcetera.

Same thing.

(Different number of heads sometimes, but don’t let that worry you.)