Favorite Charcoal

What is your favorite brand of charcoal, resource to burn resin?

Most of what I am finding is terrible quality. Any recommendations?

If you are patient, those used to make barbecue lol
Worked great for me for long period.

I’ve used Swift-Lite brand and it works very well. Has the saltpeter coating so it instantly lights and gets hot. I’ve also heard that Holland Hookah Charcoal is very cheap instant-lighting which works well.

I’m currently using Soex brand quick lighting discs. Its pretty cheap but I am finding it very effective. I tend to break the discs into approximate thirds or halves and then using small tongs hold the parts above a tea light candle which gets the saltpetre going. They last long enough for any ritual I have thus far performed easily filling the room I use as my temple with copal smoke

I usually buy star buzz for 3 reasons.

  1. It’s a long burning premium coal that will not explode in your face! And unless you fucking drown it in resin it will not go out.
    2.unlike most coals of this type star buzz coals have a very sturdy nook in the bottom center of the coal! If you flip it upside down it acts as a bowl for the copal resin. (This is mainly for personal preference, but I feel it helps produce larger quantities of smoke, which I like to fill up the room quick.)
    3.it doesn’t smell like toxic shit! Hollands are no longer made in Holland (since this has changed so has the quality and chemical mixture of the auto lighting chemicals), they are made in the People’s Republic of China, and they distinctly say on the package they are not to be light inside for health reasons. If you light it inside, you will regret it! The odor and fumes don’t disappear any time soon. P.S. Hollands also have lighting issues sometimes and I have seen the auto light cause explosions that sent burning fragments of coal all around me, not fun.

Forgive me for being a coal snob,

But there are only 3 brands of AUTOLIGHT coals I like for incense, I’m this order

  1. Starbuzz
  2. Three Kings (close runner up)
  3. EZ light coals (I only use this for incense, and it is the cheapest I will tolerate because the consistency can be bad enough that these have exploded on me on rare occasions.)

Do not go to a metaphysical bullshit store to buy coals, go to a head shop and buy them as if you were going to smoke a hookah with them. They will be much cheaper, and you will see how much you get raped at new age stores. I’ve seen a single roll of EZ light coals go for $5 dollars a roll in multiple new age stores, however I get a box of 10 rolls of star buzz for $15 dollars from a head shop nearby.

You might have to call a few headshops, just Google their names, numbers, and locations. Don’t be afraid of calling them either, you’ll probably be one of the few people who call the shop who aren’t under the influence. Just call in and tell them you need coals for your hookah. They may give you a size option, small should be plenty! Many people I know split their disks into pieces for multiple rituals so they last longer, but that’s purely up to you.

If there’s anything else you’d like to know about coals, or any of the brands I mentioned, let me know.

Best of Luck,
-Frater Apotheosis

I found 10 rolls of starbuzz for under $20. I’ll let you know how they work out. After investigating I was tempted to buy a hookah!

Honestly, I was disappointed in the Swift-Lite brand. They don’t seem to light very well for me. Some coals seem to require repeat efforts. Sometimes only half of the coal burns.

Well, I personally have a mini blow torch lighter, and I just use it to dab the two sides so the auto light chemical reaction starts going on strong so it doesn’t stop burning (like it can with a regular lighter), but then you have to worry about putting your hand close when it’s sparking. And after getting burned a few dozen times, I said fuck it and bought the lighter.

Some people will argue this is more of a novelty item, but for me I feel this is necessary because of how much the hookah is used, and the fact that pyromania is a hobby of mine.

To Be Honest, I have to say, that’s still a good price, I used to go to a place that charged me $24-25 dollars (with a discount) before I went to the place I am now. So your price is pretty good, but I’m interested to hear what you think about the quality and how the prices compare to wherever you bought them before.

Best of Luck,
-Frater Apotheosis

What’s the best way to extinguish the charcoals after you’re done?

Smother them so they are deprived of oxygen. I place my brazier in a pyrex (glass) container which has a lid. Most people just let them go out on their own.

I make my own out of white oak.