Father in the hospital

For a sharp pain in stomach, I was wondering if it had anything to do with the psychic blowback from my attack previously? but i am not sure…anyway wierd, but i dont think its the case

Banishing, cleansing , clearing and healing.

Make sure to take proper precautions and take care of the your old man.



@Blaze.1.pr is right about that banish, cleansing, clearing, healing. Sending good health to your father can also be done, try visualizing where your fathers pain is and use a method similar to this

I’ve had decent success in helping others with Raphael, even just by meditating and repeating the mantra to him, if you do it with his sigil in focus to you the better :slight_smile: hope it helps man and your pops feels better


thx guys, thats what i tried, working with raphael


Keep it up man! Have faith in your work and do what you can man, you ARE A STRENGTHENED WARRIOR :muscle: