Fat shaming in the magick community

I’m posting this to the three forums I’m on because this pertains to a question I see asked on all of them. Bear with me if you are seeing this several times.

We believe that demons and/or angels can assist in removing obstacles, neutralizing enemies, give us skills to acquire new jobs, change someone’s mind, heal our diseases and many other things that with some effort we may be able to do ourselves. However, when someone asks which angel or demon will help them lose weight or simply remove the excess weight for them, we often tear apart that person and tell them they need to do a spell/petition for self control or strength to exercise more - essentially, we fat shame that person and decide they are too lazy to deal with an issue they created themselves. I’ve seen it happen every time.

My question is if we believe a demon or an angel can/will take care of our other issues, why are we so certain one will not help out with beauty/weight/physique issues?


I haven’t seen any evidence of hostile words or “shaming” on this forum, but if you have, please use the flagging function - as a member it is your responsibility no less than any other to help put a stop to any kind of rudeness! :+1:

Magick works on cause and effect basis most of the time, so developing the ability to make better choices is a part of that - it’s usually going to be simpler to do that, than find some arcane way to make the fat cells delete themselves.


Even when it comes to other things, you have to make the efforts to fulfill the objective. Magic can be used to increase youre chances of succesa but magic will not take a fat person on the couch and turn them into a fit person on the couch


I’m strongly and very openly against body shaming (yes, very skinny people also get body shamed) so I’d probably be the first to react if I saw something like that around here.
As was said above, real magick isn’t changing your life with 0 efford from your side, so that’s why we always advice to work along the forces to succeed your goal. Changing first the way you view yourself, can work wonders.


Magick takes the path of least resistance. If there’s something we can do, it will provide opportunities for us to do it. If there is absolutely nothing we can do, then it will create the desired result in ways beyond our understanding… sometimes we call those, miracles.

We can’t choose them unfortunately, we can’t pretend that we can’t do anything and demand a miracle, while there is in fact, something we can do to solve the problem. Nothing will happen as result.

Angels, demons, Gods and spirits can do anything… but they operate within the laws of magick, the laws of mind and energy. And this is one of those laws, in my opinion. I believe that understanding this point is very important.


Magic can help achieve what one could call ideal body. However at least with magic based on commanding /asking/bribing entities outside one’s self, one still needs to work for it, or else why would they bother. Also, it probably isn’t a priority for anywhere near everyone in the magick community.
Personally I haven’t seen body shaming very often in magickal communities, but BALG is pretty much my only contact to the physical occult world outside my home.


I’ve heard stories of people who do a spell to try to lose weight and then get all sort of horrid health issues (there are lots of awful diseases that will make you lose weight, but, then you are like, ugh, the cure is worse than the disease.) So I think it isn’t so much that there is anything wrong with wanting to lose weight, or that fat people are especially lazy, but a more be careful how you ask for it, because you might get something you might not want.


Magick tends to work through the path of least resistance and the fastest way to lose weight is to get sick. You will drop the pounds when you excrete from both ends constantly for days on end, or are stricken with cancer. A lot of people don’t understand that. They think that a spirit will just, if you will pardon the pun, magically melt away the fat without them having to do anything like change their diet or start exercising.

I don’t think telling people who want to lose weight to do spells for self control or to motivate for exercise is fat shaming, so much as it is understanding that the magick and the mundane go hand in hand, and the chances of success are much higher when approached in such a manner.

We tell people who ask for spirits to help with employment to sigilize their resumes and work influence for interviews, and I don’t see telling someone who wants to lose weight to do spells for motivation and self control to be any different. We tell people who want to get laid to make sure they dress well, smell nice, and go to places where singles congregate, so why would telling someone to watch their diet and to exercise be “fat shaming?”


Passiveness, being overly sensitive and victimization doesn’t get us anywhere, does it? If there’s a will, there’s a way.

Summoning spirits to do the dirty deeds for you, while passively waiting for results isn’t nice or respectfull at all. It’s not nice to the spirits trying to help you, and it’s definitely not nice on yourself for doing nothing about your situation. It doesn’t matter what the issues are. You can’t entirely depend on someone else doing things for you. It’s like throwing a ball with no one to catch it.

If anyone want changes in their lives, they have to be willing to pull the strings and at least being cooperative if asking others for help. Victim shaming doesn’t take us anywhere, as well as blaming others.


@succupedia Your right. The magic theory is enticing because it requires absolutely no effort or work on your behalf. You simply follow the ritual and the demon does all the work.

Eat less, exercise more is the answer not magic. Your will and determination is what will create weight loss with dieting and exercise. Magic will not help you or the demonic you have to want to lose weight and change your life style with your own efforts to effect direct change to your body.


Isn’t that theory quite counter-intuitive? Of course it requires effort on our behalf. Even more so if our astral senses is turned off. If we can’t , at least, validate our own personal experiences with the spirits we summon, we could just as well throw a coin in the well and make a wish. :man_shrugging:

What’s bothering is when people try to ask spirits to do everything for them, even for the smallest things.

“Oh, I have a wart on my left butt-cheek! Which demon can take that wart away?”.

Did you know there’s a Saint that represents hemorrhoids? So if you have it, will you call upon Saint Fiacre or make an appointment to the doctor to be rid of it? Spirits can take away the pain and even heal us when needed, but it won’t work if we lack the ability to FEEL them.


I’m sure you can combine magick with weight loss efforts, but you can get more effective results for weight loss using hypnosis than ritual magick.

Magick generally lacks the precision to do consistent weight loss. You can measure your progress better with mundane methods than esoteric ones.

To my way of thinking, body issues are related to subconscious programming. Magick is more related to the superconscious contacting isolate intelligences. They’re two different games altogether.

For that reason, diet and exercise programs combined with mental and emotional support groups will get you a better result with much less hassle than magick.

Conjuring a wisdom guide or intuition-boosting spirit may be useful as a first resort. Verifying their hunches with nutrigenetic testing or the Comprehensive Health Panel may help you spot-check issues your health team can help solve. The FDA doesn’t support these types of tests, so research carefully, and caveat emptor. However, there have been some remarkable results, so worth looking into this.

Quick thoughts on mundane weight loss:

  • Western doctors have access to blood and hormone tests for auditing your general health issues.
  • TCM healers bring herbal knowledge and useful energy-body rebalancing techniques
  • Motivated personal trainers provide motivation, support, and tough love to get you through your journey
  • Fellow trainees provide the support you need.

This i find to be a more useful team to solve the issue than snarky mages on a message board.

Once you’ve dialled in your health issues and changework plans, THEN magick comes to the fore.

You may want to look into hypnosis to remove psychosomatic issues related to weight and body image. Hypnosis combined with testing, diet, and exercise may do the trick without the need for magick at all.

With all of that said and done, you may then want to conjure spirits related to your physical, emotional, mental, psychic, energetic, or other levels in order to heal and enlighten you. Generally,

  • Mars-type spirits are good for vitality and strength.
  • Lunar spirits are good for emotional healing.
  • Mercurial spirits are good for mental quickness and self-confidence.
  • Solar spirits are good for self-esteem, which is different than self-confidence.

As far as online abuse, some people just fucking suck and you shouldn’t turn to them for pity in a time of need.


I’ll give it to you brief, BattyDiva: Fat people are perceived as hopelessly lazy and deserving of their condition, so the mere thought that they could get a free pass via the sorcerous arts horrifies some people, who feel as if it somehow devaluates their own aesthetic or something.

In other words, elitist assholes presuming they know best and that you surely must be a bad person by definition of some extra pounds.


Some people are fat on purpose for what ever reasons. A real occultist can gain or lose the weight with will power alone. Its not that hard to know eat fruits/veggies, move and keep on moving to lose fat with magical will power.


Hiya OP! I’ve never seen fat shaming here, but you’re right that it is a problem within occult communities. People have this flawed idea that by following scientific health standards and guidelines, they’ll be able to alter their bodies (the American Heart Association (or one such American association of cardiologists) actually says bacon wrapped shrimp is healthy for people with high blood pressure! Watch What the Health). Corporations fund these so-called scientific studies, and use that cash to obfuscate results that would injure profits (hormone and medicine treated animal products are cigarette pack-class health dangers). This is true for any industry that could be damaged or supported by science- they give the scientists the money to do research, but only when their results match corporate agendas. Diet science, food science, and more are all heavily saturated with studies that just aren’t real. There’s multiple documentaries about this, including one where an amateur sent a rewritten Mein Kampf in the form of a study, and it was accepted into a major journal that is now suing the author.

My point is that everybody has a different body. The adage of ‘eat less, move more’ only even works when you don’t have psychological programming or physical diseases that impact the rate at which you gain or burn weight. Some people are able to eat processed sweets year round and not really have any bodily effects, while some are so allergic to nuts that a compound used in food that hits the air they breathe can trigger a fatal reaction. It’s never just black and white, there’s a whole spectrum of variables that need to be addressed before you can come close to finding common ground in operant human bodies. Here’s a rabbit hole: there’s no such thing as ‘junk DNA’! :slight_smile:

The issue is that occultists actually believe the all-too-real junk science that’s peddled by corporations behind the scenes. So, they assume athleticism = magical power, when really the threshold for an athletic body differs with each actual body. Fat is considered a blockage or inhibitor to achieving spiritual understanding, but, the same minds spouting that drink flouride and lead-laden waters. Some people do choose to be fat, consciously or not, but the problem there is the societal layers that have programmed them that way, including a lack of access to healthy food due to its overpricing.

Some people are consciously fat, some were made to be fat, and some were given no choice in the matter at any level. Psychological programming and societal factors are more to blame in these respects, where the person isn’t diseased and can’t be anything other than fat.

IMO, OP, the people who say that stuff don’t understand how bodies (or magic) works. The notion to address it psychologically first hits the board, but it doesn’t work without addressing your subconscious and unconscious layers. Disease aside, IME the most ingenious solution to fat is to enchant it to generate and retain heat, along with focused fire breathing to those ends. Dead fat cells are removed with exhalation in minuscule amounts, so, just kill them if they’re bothering you! :slight_smile:

Contrary to popular belief, there is wiggle room when it comes to legwork for magically augmenting the body. Putting your mind through the sensory rigors of a gym is a few percentages of effectiveness off from actually going to and using one IIRC. IME, weight is just a number, and if you weaponize your mind to control it you get a lot of variables. I once gained thirty pounds, dropped eighty, and gained another twenty over the course of a day and a half! The magic you do can influence it, sometimes drastically like what I mentioned, but the mind is the owner of the body, so if you take total control of your mind, you can learn how to do the same with your body. :slight_smile:

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As a fat person, I wouldn’t call giving the advice to exercise, eat a better diet, etc, “fat shaming” when the advice has been asked for. As others have said, magick can help but the person in question needs to do all they can do in the mundane world to help themselves. When a person is asking which demon will help them get fit or slim, etc, often that person is missing a vital part of the equation - action that comes from themselves.

From my own experiences, fat shaming is actually calling the person a “fatty,” “fatso,” and making remarks about how fat they look, maybe even remarks about certain body parts, and how we’re lazy, smelly, and need to stop eating, and get some exercise, etc. I was told once that I should starve myself. That’s fat shaming. These types of remarks come from bullies who claim they care about you, and they want to help you. But secretly, it makes them feel better to fat shame you because they have fears of their own about that type of thing.

Giving advice in the context that it’s usually asked for around here, will bring comments and advice about mundane world action, like taking more exercise, switching to a better diet, and the fact mundane action will really help the magick and vice versa. The intention and agenda in this case is completely different.