Fastos Reveals To Me Two Powerful Demonic Incantations For Money Magick & Love Magick (YouTube Video)

Fastos Reveals To Me Two Powerful Demonic Incantations For Money Magick & Love Magick.

Fastos Spirit Which Can Be Found In E.A. Koetting’s Tome “Kingdom Of Flames” he teaches the ways of demons and Demonic Tongue. Here I reveal two powerful incantations fuelled with infernal power geared towards love magick and wealth magick.

Contained herein also are the words of Fastos himself, explaining the nature of the chants and how they work, I have had incredible success with these and now i reveal them onto you, brothers and sisters.

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I literally felt the energy shift while in the car reading them, my throat burns abit now

love the editing on the video

Can this work as stand alone?

I did your love ritual haven’t got any success yet

How long has it been? Sometimes love spells can take a long time. Sadly Magick isn’t like it is on the movies. It can take weeks, months, even years to work depending of factors.

Maybe 10-15 days

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Whaaat years?
My ex would even forget my existence in that time

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Another thought is maybe your ex is not the one ? although that is something you may not want to here right now one thing you could try is magickal seduction by Damon Brand there are three rituals in there for getting partners of different types I can tell you it is very powerful my lodger used it and got laid the very next day I am happily married but having just read the book it started imediately trying to fit me up with a very very nice girl who deserved more than I would have been able to give her. both my lodger and myself it started happening within 24hrs one of those rituals is looking for a life partner which of course could be your ex but could also be someone 1000 times better in which case you would be wondering why you spent so much time worrying over a jerk …possibly… Wish you all the best anyway .


Will it work even if she lives far away from me

It worked for my lodger he got laid by a girl who lived 30 miles away he had never met in person before only spoken to a few times on the phone and 4 hours after meeting him she took him home and in his words practically raped him (not that he minded that was exactly what he needed )Try the magick for me most of the fun is trying new magick and just see how powerful it is for you One thing is for certain not all types of magick works for everyone …but if it does It’s awesome happy magick

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I mean it can. It depends on so so many things….Mainly the target.

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