Fasto's Grand Demon Of The Demonic Tongue - Shares his incantations

Some background.

Lately i have become obsessed with words of power, from dark staot, to evil speech, to sorcerers language and now to demonic tongue, Azazel gave me a Hellfire Litany and it is highly fucking potent.

Simply reciting it twice i felt literal scorching heat all around me, even inside me and i even measured the temperature it rose dramatically. It didn’t end there either Lucifer came to me with incantations in demonic tongue which summon the luciferian darkness and light.

These words are indeed powerful, i then went back to Fasto’s a grand demon in Ea Koetting’s the kingdom of flames and i evoked him to get some real insight and knowledge on demonic tongue and its power.

Evocation Of Fastos.

I did a invocation of omnipotence, in my temple then i stood in my circle with the inverted pentagram standing in it’s center with five candles lit at each point.

I held the seal of the sorcerer above my head, awakened its power, then declared my authority over the kingdoms, next i took the square found in the KOF which is the kingdom of the three wise men.

I opened the square in the south, then held the seal of the sorcerer to my chest and spoke

" May all kingdoms, united and divided be subservient to me as i hold the seal of the sorcerer, i wield its power and combine that with the power of the inner god which stand atop the pyramid of skulls that drinks the blood of God ".

Internally and externally a rift manifested the combined power and authority of me and the seal of the sorcerer became one. I then looked to the seal scrying deeply, i began seeing it buzzing disappearing and reappearing, fading in and out of both the spiritual and physical worlds.

Since Fastos dwells in this realm, my inner self dictated i take Fastos sigil and place it on top of the square, i then opened his sigil and i could see a beacon from the magick square, coming from the kingdom creating a link to the sigil.

I could see this form a energetic connection, feeding both the gateway of the kingdom and the sigil simultaneously. Then energy began leaking into the temple, creating shifts in the atmosphere, i then began manipulating my electromagnetic energy in my aura to push this energy everywhere.

Now the atmosphere has adjusted for the demon, the gate to his kingdom is open, i have opened his sigil, facing the south i began vibrating his name, pulling his blanket manifestation out of the sigil.

I then spoke this conjuration

" Fastos keeper and teacher of the demonic tongue hear me now, rise through your kingdom and come, i call and summon you forth, i bid you welcome, rise and descend upon me, manifest before me in behold-able form and speak, Fastos come, Fastos come, Fastos come ".

Then i entered deep trance and saw a spectral materialization, his form was semi-transparent, with a hint of blue like darkness, fading in and out of reality, warping and morphing his form.

i held the seal of the sorcerer and spoke my magick name with will and power, he greeted me in a sinister but oddly calm and nice voice.

I spoke to him about the demonic tongue some of the dialogue i will keep personal for now however he shared these incantations with me below.

Demonic Tongue - Incantations Of Demonic Power.

  1. To increase a spirits manifestation

    " Ic chalaz santum ralaz, vaskalla sinrampt,
    Itz melez dune fen’ki, ( Spirits Name ) ".

Speak these words with the intent of pushing the demonic powered sound into the area where the spirit is manifest.

  1. To increase energy of an object, person or self.

    " Almak al ten ron tal, alash kala kal,
    peref ron felish tal ".

Focus on the energy you wish to increase, connect with it, visualize the sound of the words you recite emit orange energy, into the energy source you are connecting to.
After a few recitations the energy will be increased by the power of these words.

  1. To open a gateway.

    " Sua lesh itz mala’kel, sah zin tru uhm
    bitz’awel vo linch, dales inz za zal’ess ".

Repeat this while focusing on the gateway you wish to open, visualize the particles in the air become engulfed by hellfire, the more you repeat it the more the particles beam with power and vibrate at critical mass.

The more you recite it over and over the particles will be pushed into the gateway feeding it, activating it and opening it.

  1. To initiate demonic possession.

    " Alash kal, kel po sin’tal
    relech mal, canis ashtu hal ".

Repeat and feel the words push literal shock-wave of demonic vibrations through your being, you’ll feel these intense infernal vibrations flow through your body, allow your body to flow and move to them.

The vibration and energy will move your limbs, don’t move them let your subconscious mind and demonic presence move you as the infernal current flows, the more you repeat this in trance over and over.

Then you’ll enter a state of hellish mania, then all control will be given up you will be moving without thinking, now your body, mind and spirit relinquish control for the possession.

  1. To solidify a materialization of a spirit and to solidify energy.

    " Sah kah mah vaskalla,
    Inz rin’pal balah
    Tur inz U’tala ".

Extend your arms, exhale pushing your attention and will to what you wish to solidify,
repeat the above, see and feel the sound-waves of power enter your target and morph the energy. The target will then become solid the more you repeat the incantation with each repetition adding more potency, ending in a potent solidification.


I will be learning a lot more with This demonic tongue and Fastos revealed to me he has teachings of modifying the throat chakra for the use of demonic tongue, like a warm up adjusting period before pushing out potent high notes.

This is only the beginning, my demons tongue is sharpened, long and ready to get to work :smiling_imp: :metal:t2:.


Conner Kendall.


This is fucking awesome! This is the first time I have seen a post from someone evoking a being from KoF in the manner described in the grimoire :slight_smile:


i don’t know if you have seen the only other post about Fastos from former member Musta_Krakish but he provided an incantation in that one too:

Altash Faltu Kanta Exune (spirit’s name) kalla kama Faltu - to aid in seeing and hearing spirits.

I look forward to anything else you share about your work with this being :slight_smile:


Going in the bookmarks :point_up:


Fuck yes :metal:
So many applications for this


Wow another amazing post, keep it up brother. What I find truly amazing is that the Number two incantation, when I read it, I was kind of receiving an image of a dark energy/matter cluster with sparks and clouds of Orange energy and electric bolts. This one really “kicked” me. I am eagerly awaiting for the next update. Hail!


It’s safe to say that being alone would be better if one performs this incantation?

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You can increase your own energy this way?

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Sublime. Exactly what i wanted. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! :smile: one i can share is itz nostrės vėskala dėgaz name of spirit. used to call forth. ė is spoken like Eh. the very words are demons which fuse and become and solidify the spirit you call. granted this may not apply to other entitys since you will be fusing them with demos but see what works best.

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yep. you don’t even need to visualise.

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it can be better but not neccesary

I think it’s fantastic your channeling and the work you do!
a consult bro know some destructive enn (not EA KOETING)
Some demon to destroy people?

The word “CHAAA” said with intent can split the veils like a razor.


What is your source about this word?
Any more info ??

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Can this be used on a group? Or only a particular spirit?


I don’t know. Try it. It is simply an incantation to aid in the communication with spirits.


One more question, is there a correct pronunciation? If so, what is it?

Just pronounce it phonetically.

It is UPG that I sometimes use.

It works well for me.

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What is it??

UPG stands for Unverified Personal Gnosis, which essentially means personal knowledge produced by experience, but not peer reviewed and substantiated by someone outside of one’s own perception.

I think the term was originally coined here on the forum by Lady_Eva., because a lot of people in the occult take the things they experience or things they are told by spirits as the capital-T Truth, when in fact it is nothing of the kind, and she used the term so people would understand that what she was describing was simply her individual take on things, not necessarily the way things actually are.

It caught on so most of us here use it now.