Fasting whiplash: What do I do?

So maybe a week or 2 ago I did a fasting to increase my connection with Azazel, which is not uncommon for me. Nothing new. I limit myself to only water and spend time meditating in the morning and before bed and times in between when I feel my body start to become weak I feed on energy. On one of my meditations I began to see past my eyelids and around the room which has happened before, but this time Azazel appeared as a black snake, and instead of a ceiling there was a black sky with stars. He was hovering above me with his head extended to one of the stars, and his tail extended to my mouth. He had fed me energy. After that I was able to go another 2 days of fasting without feeling hungry or week. I broke my fast after 3 days because I had achieved my goal and felt very close to him. I started out with soft foods and slowly worked my way up to solids just as youre supposed to to avoid getting sick. However, after consuming the energy he gave me… all food has lost its appeal to me. Every time I eat I feel sick anyways even though it’s been almost 2 weeks. I don’t feel hungry at all and every time I eat I feel incredibly weak and almost like I’ve been poisoned. If I was eating a lot of unhealthy greasy fatty foods I would understand, but I’ve been doing good as far as healthy food choices. Yet nothing satisfies me the way food should. Nothing ever since Azazel gave me that energy.
I’m not sure what to do. Should I just go with it and see about fasting again? Do I just not need to eat at all anymore?

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The vibrations of the food act to semi erase any progress you have made @Rin. You MUST start with EXTREMELY light food. Grind that shit up and liquify it (leafy foods, kale) and take it that way THEN work your way back to solid food.

I say that from experience. I did a 1 week fast in my RHP days cause i was going to preach for easter Sunday. After i was done preaching i ate fucking popeyes chicken of all things. It wrecked me physically and spiritually.

End the fast whenever you set that time, then work your way back to solid food

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Oh noooo! Not Popeyes!!! Do you think I could do pure juicing as a start?


Yes, thats perfect @rin :smiley:

Why is that?

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Food is the most physical thing there is.
It contains the Spirit of The Physical which is a being that has the ability to erase, blind, halt, hinder, or stop your development.

When you are fasting and doing Ascent Work, its like getting in a spaceship and leaving the physical vibration wise.

Now imagine that spaceship (your spiritual being) suddenly not working because you put the wrong fuel in it (solid food).
That space ship is gonna come crashing down to the ground and blow up lol (the state youre in now)


I absolutely love that explanation. You sir are awesome.

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Or you could use the easiest alternative, eucharist.

Evoke and invoke Azazel into the food before you eat it and have him put the essence of whatever it is in there again, then eat it.


What an amazing suggestion! Thank you