Fast Luck to manifest money quickly

Fast Luck is a hoodoo product that is supposed to bring in love, luck, or money quickly and in large amounts. However, the result typically doesn’t last for too long.
But if you need some quick cash, this is the spell for you!
You’ll need a bottle of fast luck oil, a green candle, paper, pen, cinnamon, and basil.
Carve your name on the candle and dress it in oil, firmly starting your purpose. Sprinkle the candle with the cinnamon and basil. Write your petiti on out on the paper and anoint it with the oil in a five spot/quincunx pattern. Sprinkle the herbs onto the paper and rake your fingernails through it in a wavy pattern. Blow off all the excess powder and fold it in half towards you. Turn it clockwise and fold it towards you again. Place this beneath the candle. Recite the 23Rd psalm three times and light the candle. Gaze into the candle and visualize money coming to you. Give your statement of intent and then let the candle burn down a third of the way. On the next two days, recite the 23rd psalm again thrice and burn it down another third of the way. The money should manifest within the next few days. Sprinkle some of the herbs and oil in your right shoe praying the 23rd psalm.


Dried powder is best, imho.
You can make your own oil, but I prefer to purchase my hoodoo supplies from Lucky Mojo Curio Co. You can google the recipe if you want though. The oil would be made during the waxing moon. And it’s prayed over to fully consecrate it.