Fast And Easy Contact Me Spell

Just thought I’d share a lightning fast contact me spell for you guys.

It kind of fuses the teachings of Neville Goddard and hoodoo.

Do this about an hour before you sleep.

  1. grab a square piece of hand torn paper enough to write a petition with.

  2. say this…

“I am so grateful that (____ ____) is talking to me. I love it when she/he calls me and messages me. Thank you dantalion for your help, I am so grateful.

I’d like to offer you this tea as a gesture of my gratitude”.

  1. Next grab a pinch of liquorice powder and coffee powder and rub them over the petition in a clockwise fashion making sure to not spill any.

Also while your doing this close your eyes and feel the feeling of them calling you and messaging you nice things. Really live it and feel joy when doing so.

  1. Now, roll the petition towards you and then burn it.

Afterwards gather the ash and add it to the mixture of coffee and liquorice that you tipped on a dish after rubbing in your intent and mix the two together to infuse it all.

  1. blow the mixture to the wind using your right hand as that’s for sending out energy and as your doing so imagine dantalion (or the spirit of your choice) receiving your message and give thanks that it’s been granted.

  2. now here’s where Neville comes in to play and the reason why I said do this an hour before bed.

As your laying in bed relish in the feeling of your desire and truly imagine this person calling and messaging you almost like they are obsessed. Imagine it deeply.

And as your drifting off to sleep hold on to that thought and then go sleep in that state.

  1. when you wake up thank dantalion once again or the spirit you chose and forget what you did. If you can’t forget do your best and when ever a doubt pops up switch it to a positive one live the feeling. Assume they are always contacting you till eventually you’ll not worry cause it’ll feel real.

Thats when the subconscious makes it happen.


Is it for angels too?

Sure why not. Any entity of your choice. :slight_smile:

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Someone suggested me that for a contact me spell Paimon would be better suited.