Fantasy genre

How do spirits, deities, and demons feel about our use of fantasy in media, literature, and in games?

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From what I’ve noticed, they don’t seem to care that much. Sometimes, I’ve had spirits pop into my head as fictional characters in order to get my attention.


The reason I ask is because fantasy seems to be a subconscious way we humans remember magic and we turn to it in times of need.

While I can agree some may not care, I was hoping some may.


I half-agree with this, but only because subconsciousnesses (if that’s actually a word) can be unpredictable at times. It may be a case of remembering that magic is a thing, or the inspiration could come from something else entirely.

I think it’s because they know that the stories aren’t actually real is why they’re not going to waste time fussing about it. Storytelling is what we humans do best, and they respect that.

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I don’t think care too much about it. It’s more of human thing than anything.

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Lucifer already appeared 3 times in dreams for me, using the character of the “Lucifer” series, so yeas, they can use fantasy to make then known.