Fan QA thread ..What is EA's views/experiences with the ouija board?

I think EA is cool …and nate bales. Such interesting topics discussed in such an intelligent and articulate way. Thanks for sharing the knowledge that you have gained on your journey :slight_smile:

If we could all be a host of a talk show and had EA as a guest what questions would you ask ?

Here are some questions I might ask:

  1. It would be cool to see you do a live ouija board session even maybe get a demon or angel to demonstrate their supernatural powers by having an object fly across the room or something. Is it disrespectful to summon a spirit just to play poltergeist activity games? U think this is something u could do?

2)When you are in contact with a demon that will reveal the truth to any question …can u ask them how to build an anti gravity vehicle? Or a free energy device? What kind of responses would you get?

  1. what’s the strangest ghost experience you’ve had??

  2. would doing a big hit of dmt during an evocation help in any way?

  3. what do you think of the magicians dynamo and kris angel? Do they really use demons to help them conjure real magic?

Please post your questions … Maybe EA will get chance to respond

What’s QA?

I would not ask much, there is nothing I need to know that Eric does not make known or give you the tools to find out already. I would ask him to perform rituals for me I am not yet able to do. I would also kneel before I do not bow to any one or thing but he really earned to be hailed.


I thought these were interesting questions until I replied and was aware that they are quite silly afterall. Each of them seem childish once I replied that I was willing to participate in any of them. One could do much better with this gift than tinker with such irreverence.

To the OP, Dynamo and correctly spelled (Criss Angel) do not use demons to manipulate their tricks, their magick is just illusions. We all had a discussion about that a while back, that a true sorcerer would not flaunt their gifts by using lesser known demons to levitate objects and make people disappear for show & tell reasons. Real demons, are not concerned about mundane things like this, they are much more concerned about educating the sorcerer so most would not agree to use their energy to fool others into thinking you have superhuman powers.

However, I have done some scrying and have spoken to a few demons who have admitted to me that Criss Angel (Christopher Sarantakos) is into some real magickal practices and some rather dark things, but he does not mix this with the type of illusional magic he does for his career. So his illusions are a result of being a well trained deception specialist and stunt performer, they have nothing to do with real magick. I also watched something with deception specialist Apollo Robbins who reveals just how magicians use the faults and glitches of the way your memory and your mind works, to fool you with their tricks. It’s quite crafty and obviously, if you would watch what I have seen, you will see that the human brain is highly flawed and is the reason we are so easily fooled by magic tricks. The human mind lets us down way more than we’d care to admit on a daily basis.

If you saw the videos on youtube about Criss and Dynamo using demons, the author of those videos is a christian idiot.

From what I have heard EA say about ouija boards, they are a very unsophisticated means of spirit communication. I’ve never used one myself and I doubt I ever will. Spirits who talk to me do so via telepathy, or in dreams. Spelling each word, one letter at a time, I imagine, would be slow and tedious.

EA Koetting’s Mastering Divination Course covers Ouija Boards.It’s the first thing he talks about.Ouija Boards werethe first method he ever used as a dabbler,according to some of his books.The spirit,would make the planchet move in a number eight,and completely divert,and point at him.After which,he used it to contact the spirit.

That spirit kept following him,for months.Apparently,his brother had at some point made a special Ouija Board with incense sticks,and a three-fingered demonic hand was seen at some point,creeping them all out.

At another point,this same spirit,Sa,introduced himself to a friend of his.When asked to give him his full name,Sa replied that his full name was Satan(and obviously this is the Wandering Spirit messing with the guy,and NOT Satan),because after cursing in continuity,the spirit told him he’d kill his mother.And of course,nobody likes to hear that.But his mother did end up commiting suicide in the most unusual manner.Apparently,she was shot three times in the head with a gun that had to be loaded.

At some point,he went into a cave,and commanded that spirit,Sa,to give him all his power,attempting his first evocation.This same entity demanded him that he offer it 66 human sacrifices.Of course,he rejected,because that’s just insanity.

This was him warning at how discordant and how untrustworthy these spirits can be.Another story speaks of a spirit he contacted at the age of 16 with his ‘‘Dark Circle’’ of comrades.And this spirit went by the name Ed.

Ed apparently helped them track down some old grimoire,and gave mostly accurate answers,but again,got clingy and addictive,and they’ve had to cut ties with Ed.And then,when filming Mastering Divination,the first spirit to come up presents himself as Ed.

So he does instruct you on how to use a Ouija Board and stuff,but he emphasizes that the spirits aren’t anything close compared to real spirits(if I can call them that) and the Ouija Board a tool,to be used for novelty.And since it can be altered by own’s expectations,it is grouped in ideometry.

There’s also a story in Baneful Magick where this same Dark Circle commissions Ed to kill a girl at a mall,a girl from their class.Ed enveloped her in an aura of pure evil and darkness.And while all of them watched,Lee(I think) a more sympathetic member of their group told the spirit to stop.They all got mad at them because then they wouldn’t know if the spell was working(evil kids,lol)

However,that same girl got sick,and spent several weeks in bed,before she got back into the world.

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