I want understand this well

I’m sorry, but what exactly is your question?


My question is how do become magic user and more things regarding power?

Learn the basics: Meditate daily. Learn a method of banishing and also do it daily as it develops concentration, visualization and energy manipulation.

Learn to enter a trance state and open sigils and ask for things:

Start small and build upon each success.


Help me achieve my goals of becoming Lucifer’s son and sell my soul to him


It doesn’t work that way. Lucifer doesn’t want your soul. This isn’t Hollywood or Christianity.


So tell me what should I do

I told you what to do in my second post in this thread. You cannot gain magical power without putting in the work. Meditate. Banishing. Visualization. Energy Manipulation. Theta/Gamma Sync.

Read the forum. It is a treasure trove of knowledge, but the most important thing is practice. The spirits won’t give you something for nothing. You need to make the effort to learn.


I feel like it’s a troll or something :sob: if I’m wrong sorry but… Had to say it


Very possible :slight_smile:


Just show me the way to start reading and meditate

Dude, he literally just gave you something to work with. Here’s something extra.

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Dude, this forum comes with a search function. Just type in “meditation” and it will bring up many threads with many methods that people have had success with.

Neither I, nor anyone else here is going to hold your hand. That is not how black magick works.

Guys just stop if it’s not a troll it will become really annoying quickly…

First do your search on that as he said and then ask some questions if you don’t understand something. :slightly_smiling_face:


If you want to become famous, grab a skill, become good at it, find a demon, have them mentor you or help you out, put yourself out there, use magick, ect ect, and work for it. It’s not going to be handed to you. You can’t just expect to get famous. If you’re desperate or really want this, you have to work for it, the demon is just going to make sure it happens and will help opportunities come your way. It doesn’t just happen it doesn’t work like that. And there is no easy fee like your soul.

You can’t “Sell your soul” and be a celebrity unless your referring to a pact but even then you still have to work your ass off and pay them.

The most successful magician i’ve seen do this for fame is Brendon Urie aka the only real member of Panic! At the Disco, and he still had to work like hell plus his pact.

If you listen to his music “new perspective” and “emperors new clothes” um even “hallelujah” songs like those, it’s clear he got his fame through magick, while not initially obvious over the years he’s basically revealed it through his work, so maybe use him as a starting point? He was also butt ugly and over the years i noticed the more magick got poured into his music, the more devotional it became the more attractive and handsome he also became though some would argue that has nothing to do with magick,

I mean I’m just saying there’s a reason his current music video’s plot is about some magical “demons key” and how he did a whole music video that reeked of beelzebub with him even turning into the guy. His first big success was the soundtrack for the movie jennifer’s body which was about a succubus. The song he did for that movie was about wanting change in your life. Plus his song L.A Devotee (if the music video is dead give away) is written between the lines and was played nonstop on the radio in L.A.

You can use magick to get famous, him and nathan sharp who is starting to rise to to the top, are proof of that. But you still no matter what have to work your ass of and be serious about it.

That was one of the initial pulls to magick, and while i’m far more serious about it now, I shan’t lie about that.

I was once talking with one of my spirits, and i’m still piss poor at seeing and hearing them, though i’m getting better and they looked at brendon urie and said “that is the model of magickal student”

So yes, he is proof you can get famous with magick and even the goetia specifically. But he still worked his ass off and still learned a trait. It’s possible, its a guarantee with the right spirits in your corner, but you have to be good at magick, and you have to actually work for it.

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