Family imp

someone who knows rituals to conjure up familiar imp?
I’ve been searching but not much information about them can be found online. I only know of a book that contains a ritual for it but it is very difficult to get since that book is prohibited.

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Do a search for “demons that give familiars” and leave out the imp part, which doesn’t really apply.

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Imps are considered lesser goblins, which are a type of Fae so I’d personally look into Various Celtic Deities or Gods who have Fae in their cultures and ask to see if one wants to be your familiar as they should be able to as many of said Gods have imp Fae under them.

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Imps are also demons ime, I had one come straight from the grimorium verum

they were later considered demons yes

You called Subugriel?

i have no idea, it was an annoying imp, a dangerous bastard

very dangerous? that of a friend devoured his emotions

yep, it was an annoying imp