Hi there E.A. I was looking into familiars and how people work with them and came to the conclusion that there just isn’t enough information on them.
Like… do you summon them every time you’re doing what they were given to you for? Do you give them offerings as a thanks? Do they come with a name? Are there specific percasions to take? Is there a book out there you think is the best to teach someone curious about all this?

So what I’m trying to ask is… Can you make a video on this topic?


Your assumption are wrong familiars are the ones that serve the kings, dukes, president etc. if a spirit in a grimoire. you go to the kings and they will send their familiars to work on the task. And yes you make offerings to further the relationship with the spirit, but not necessarily the familiars but the kings they serve.

Theres also like im my case i captures a random spirit that decided he wanted to mess with me i ended up binding it to my service first spirit i have (that im aware if) had physical contact with

So if lets say a king offers you a familiar for a long term job then it simply does the job without being constantly called for it because I heard you personally have to contact them from time to time.

For long term manifestation, you would normally make a pact with the king himself for however long it takes to manifest the result. During this the king wouldn’t give you one, instead he would give you legions of familiars. Which is not your job to contact these familiars, but instead the kings job of keeping them in place and making sure they do their job correctly and efficiently.

the closest thing to what your thinking of is a servitor. Normally you create your own servitor from scratch and feed it attention to give it life and power. That servitor is yours and all yours. Some books even teach you how to pull these servitor skills from different realms, like the plague real, sucubi/incubus real, or the infernal realm.

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I agree with desmonX those are ways to get a familiar but they don’t have to come from a demonic king.

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I’m definitely believe that’s a way but not the one I was thinking of. But thank you for that information I’ll definitely look into that.

I have entities around me at all times who are not under anyone and a few have committed to me for all of eternity. I think this is the sort of thing that the OP is looking for.

For these types of beings, it takes many years to be able to master their conjugations and do strong bindings as it requires transferring their energy from beyond to this diminsion. You’ll have to go to some with experience in this as it is a magickal art form in itself. Expect to pay 800-1300 dollars for something as strong or stronger than the Goetia spirits, Archangels, Olympians or whatever else as they can take up to a year or longer to conjure forth.

Or you can go to creepy hollows and get something for 20 dollars, but the spirits there are weak, not well vented, and are bound pretty week. They are also heard to do stupid shit like hide your keys.

The leprechauns are the fucking funniest creatures ever though. Those things are a riot.

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Whoa I didn’t know something like that was possible at all either :astonished: I was honestly just talking of the old idea that old sorcerers/ witches had familiars given to them by demons. Like how in the Goetia some mention “gives great familiars”. I guess the best way to kno is to ask a demon directly :slight_smile:

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I wouldl not say they just serve kings and ranked folk as it were. i could safely see many entities having familiars “on their team”. could be wrong though. As for me, when I was in Pact with Belial, one night during ritual he sent [I 'spose] his 2nd in Command, who rules over The House of His name Ah Bhol Ahnst [could be a mispell but phonetically ok. he told me His house was of “Knight” [which is not the exact word but as close as possible ] Visier, and he had hundreds of thousands of his own familiars of his own. Hoping to get back to earnest work again to get more data. but he had a name, and a sigil,[which I am not sure I did right] and a Call/Enn. This came so unexpectedly i was barely able to remain ‘in the zone’ while trying to write it down— with my eyes closed.

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Whoa that sounds like a very intense experience!