How do familiars communicate and appear to the Magician? Also what should the Magician be careful about when working with familiars?

Talking about familiars i thought about have Hell hounds as familiars demonic pit bulls.


I work with my Familiar much like I would any Royal, just with the condition that Familiars are by nature more available and more willing to do practice workings to prepare for more major league workings, but also for brush-ups and skill refinement.

I was assigned my Familiar by the Daemon Patriarch of the Fourth Family of Love in the Dukante Hierarchy, Rosier, due to the spirits I worked with largely having to do with Daemons of Love (including Asmoday even though He is technically also a Daemon of the Natural and Arcane Sciences), so the spirit assigned to me was also a Daemon of both Love and Science to balance it out. One thing I learned was never forget the name of your familiar (as they will likely have one including an Enn), and remembering the name and Enn and using it ever so often, even if you aren’t working with your Familiar in a long time, is a sign of appreciation for the spirit who bestowed the Familiar unto you, assuming your Familiar is an assigned Daemon.

Apparently, without even realizing it, my Familiar came from the Book of Oberon, Malthias (although I was first introduced to Him as Maltheor), and actually wound up learning more about Him than was given in the Grimoire where His name was first ever mentioned.

The key is patience, knowing what forces you are drawn to, and loyalty with mutual respect without bounds, and you will find your Familiar.


Be extraordinarily careful with specifying where you draw energy from. New and young familiars love to please, and young familiars especially do not have the wisdom to protect themselves yet. It is entirely possible to accidentally kill a young familiar, and it is devastating.

Older and wiser familiars are best for newer magi, as they understand their own limitations better


That would be awful :frowning:️️

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Oh wow, seems like a way higher level form of magic.

Indeed. I was a wreck for weeks afterward, and to this day, I remember and mourn and make certain it never happens again.


I’m sorry for your loss!

But how did you kill it exactly ? Did you draw too much of his life-energy? how do you know you’re drawing it directly from him? And was the deity who gave you the familiar angry with you?
(You don’t have to answer if you’re feeling uncomfortable with it)