Greetings everyone

I have been thinking about Familiars as they often mentioned quite frquently in the LHP. My questions are:

  1. Does a certain familiar have a partucular skillset?

  2. If a familiar doesn’t have a particular skillset do you assign it one to learn?

I would love to hear your thoughts about this

Talking about Familiars, are you referring to those beings called Familiar Spirits?

If so…

Yeah, they are some of them I’ve met who does.

No, sorry. I don’t think so. They have their abilities, I don’t think they learn and add skills like one do with servitors.

Their skill set is what they have learned and honed as individuals. Familiars are living beings (unless you make a servitor familiar)

Could you give me some examples of familiars you may have worked with and what their particular skill was or how they helped you?

I remember I havr talked about them before here but I don’t think I give much details.

Driffon and Abuffon are the Familiars here. They are big one. They even have servants. Driffon was one of Solomon Familiars.

These two familiars can do wonders. If what you need is not in their power, they will send their servants who possess the skill or has the ability.

Thank you for that insight and information. I suppose calling upon these beings to start with will help you with further evocations with different entities

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