Familiars Cats

I have had a couple of cats with weird names.
Bael was a solid black short hair that lived to be 8.
I also have a cat named Amy that is 3 years old and still alive.
I’m not the owner of Amy but I feel she is attached to me.
Amy knows exactly when I should get up for work.

Out of all my other cats, I feel Amy is the most intelligent cat I have ever came across.
Like a 5 year old human in a cat body.

Amy is mean too…
Constantly barking out orders in the form of meows…


sounds like a normal cat to me lol. They are more naturally in tune to Magick stuff or dogs just ignore it. :wink:


Cats are great—love them!


In Slavic mythology, cats are associated with Bog Veles, who is the Bog of Magic, among other things. Purportedly, they ward off evil spirits and protect children.

Slava Bogum!


My cat is very clingy and affectionate
I adopted her after I found out the her owners abandoned her in cage for days after they moved out there old apartment.
It’s very common for muslim families to have deep negative views on black cats
I took her in
she’s very quiet with huge appetite (idk if it has something to do with the fact the shes been starved for days…or if its cat thing…)and just clings into me since she feels more safe around me
She’s always there when I meditate.


I have two black short haired cats; sister and brother named Hocus and Pocus respectively. My ex and I adopted them both when they were old enough to be adopted and they’re both a little over a year old and have completely different personalities. Both incredibly intelligent.

When my ex moved out the boy (Pocus) started to become way more clingy to me, especially after I started doing more magick related things. Not sure if this drew him more to me or just a lack of both “parents” being present. His sister is clingy too but not as much with me.


I love one thing my friend said once.

" We once worshipped cats as gods and they will never let us forget it."

I had a very loving old black cat once, that I inherited from my grandmother. His name was Samuel (or Old Man Sam). And he did indeed have the personality of an old man.

The one different thing he did is if he wanted something or you stopped petting him befor he felt you where done, would be to smack you and if you didn’t pay attention you would get the claws next.

My one partner learned that the hard way and got spiked on the ass for stopping his petting to soon. Lol

But yeah he was special, he had an air about him.


I rent a sub-basement and my roommates have four cats. There are two black cats: Anna and Purdy. And two calico cats: Fluffy and Esmé.

I’m Esmé’s favorite human, anytime I’m home she’s always with me, unless she wants to eat. She’s the cat in my profile picture.

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