Familiar questions

So I got a puppy Friday and have been trying to find a name for him. I has also been trying to find my deities or beings I should work with magically. Anyway my I was sitting with the puppy calling out names and the only name that made him react was Lucifer. He started wagging his tail and growling and jumped in my lap. I guess my question is , is this a sign that I should work with Lucifer or am I crazy like my husband thinks and reading to much into it

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In my personal opinion, it’s coincidence and you’re reading too much into it.

However, if you are drawn to working with Lucifer, you don’t need a sign. Just decide to.


Lucifer has never come to me in non-human form .

I’ve been given over a half-dozen familiars by different entities and none of them were in the flesh.

I would chalk it up to a puppy being a puppy.

That said, it doesn’t mean the puppy isn’t something more than JUST a puppy. It may be an old pet coming back or similar.

Some belief systems think it could be a former relative or friend. We wouldn’t know that off-hand.


Go by what you feel, I’d say yes on both counts

Most likely reading too much into this situation, animals react to things just as we do atleast to some extent and it might like the name.

However like DK said if you feel a pull to Lucifer than do so.

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They react to spirits to? I know my dog has. My cat however, is indifferent. To spirits and people!