Familiar contarcts and possible way to achieve them "easily"

Hello there I had thoughts on this for about some time so I decided to ask here. Do you know guys any way to call and bind a familiar to you? I want a way that does not involve too ritualistic theme or clairvoyance skills please if anyone here knows I would appreciate that.

I honestly don’t know anything that doesn’t involve clairvoyance and clairaudience at the very minimum, they’re kind of your foundations on which all other evocatory arts are built, at least in my experience. Sorry that’s not dreadfully helpful!

Maybe someone else will have something more constructive - in the meantime, it is possible to learn and build upon those skills - where you may be at now isn’t where you’ll always be. :slight_smile:

Certainly I know that but Iam currently stuck with my vision blocked by someone that I believed that he would help me to get rid of Nightmerish Spectrals every night turned out to be just AAA blockage in my vision but still i hear them from time to time. Well for now I can channel anywere instantly for some reason. Anyway thanks for your word Lady Eva much appreciated

Can you do visualisation exercises? See something from your childhood, a favourite location you’ve visited, or whatever?

There’s a commonality between the act of, initially, visualising “the world tree” in core shamanism and the structuring exercises I’ve read about from the Mastering Evocation course.

I haven’t done the course but I know for a fact that when you start with a created image in core shamanism, it soon becomes a real thing, so perhaps if you try some visualisations without initially expecting too much of them, this will re-open your vision?

Well the thing is I can visualize but not quite like the others my visualization is more like that I create the image thus I know it rather than seen it in my erd eye although when i close myeyes I do not see any image of the visualization yet I somehow can see it heheh sorry I know I sound arather strange and silly but thats how it works for me

You could probably just make a contract with it and bind it with blood.

Barskevilles, you are visualizing. Trust your knowing, your Gnosis.

Practice Meditation of various types.

What do you see, when you close your eyes? What do you see when you close your eyes in a dark room or in darkness?

What is your strongest inner or imaginary sense?

Can you feel a warm fire, an ice cube, feel the roughness of a lemon, then smell the sharpness of its scent. Can you taste the lemon? What does it feel like when someone kicks you in a sensitive spot, what about the feel and other sensations of an erotic encounter.

For those whose visualization foundation is not necessarily images, it seems that there is a conspiracy of vision.

Start with your strongest sense- it may be your 6th or 7th Intuition or Gnosis, or smell or sound or touch. Focus on that sense, then add more, gently and with fun- if it gets boring or painful, then stop, reassess and Breathe. Take a break, then continue

Consider that you may already have familiars that are bound to you and/or your family. Meditate on it. When you enter a trance-like state, see if you feel presences in the room with you. If you do, reach out to them and ask them what their name(s) and purpose(s) are, and go from there. Even if you don’t hear verbal responses, you should be able to get either positive or negative feelings, and maybe images.

Next, if your feelings about the presence are positive and you want to establish or strengthen a connection, you can offer some incense or, if you feel brave, a few drops of your blood…

Thank you all for you advice and opinions :smiley:
Merlin Yes I feel almost everything that you mentioned but the thing is that it fades away when I focus. I have tried various types of meditations and exercises from childhood (7-8 years old) until now (20 years old). Although as you said I will focus on the points that you told me too. The point is that I cannot get image even in tgs I even make it to the crossroads but no image! Sometimes I dont get sound even though that Iam aware of the entity. Anyway thank you again all!

Your going to have to find a spirit somehow. Slow down. Listen. Feel your enviornment. If you feel the desire for a spirit then often one will answer the call.

Another way to go, imagine a place that were you feel safe/relaxed. A natural location you know well, or something you make up. Do not imagine any animals, people, or man made objects. Just a natual setting. Imagine it in detail, keep comming back to it whenever you can. Try to spend some time there everyday. Better yet, spend short amounts of time there whenever possible and many times everyday. Don’t give into the temptation to make something happen. Don’t make up stories or dramas. Don’t imagine advetures. Just that one place. Make it real, but don’t force it. Just relax and be there. Eventually, after several weeks or maybe a month or so, depending on how often you work on this, a day will come when you imaginary vision suddenly comes alive. The temptation is to control and manipulate this, but don’t. Surrender to the experience. Let it tell you what it is. Often, you will soon meet a person, animal, or being in your imaginary place. Congratulations, you’ve just meet your first spirit. It may give you instructions, or you might just chat. One thing. Always ask any question at least three times. Some spirits lie, and until you are good at not controlling the vision you will subconciously inject garbage from your own mind and desires. By asking any question repeatedly you will find the story changes if its a lie and your own brain spew becomes obviously stupid and meaningless. A true spirit will answer the question the same every time, and often expand on the information, giving greater detail. From here you can begin to search for a potential familiar. You can put the desire for a familiar into the vision and if your lucky one will come. This will often take several days, but can happen immediately if something was waiting. Finding a good prospect can be challenging, take time to evaluate any prospect.

Now you have to summon the spirit into physical reality. Generally, this can be done in the common way. Once the spirit is with you, and you can feel their presence your going to have to feed it. Lots of options here. Different spirits prefer different offerings. Check out voudu or huna or any other traditional system to get ideas. Ask the spirit what they want. You going to have to do this fairly frequently, so don’t go for things that are to expensive or difficult to provide. Any sort of intensely focused attention, upto and including spirit sex (if appropriate) is a potent offering. If you’ve done it right you will feel the spirit “riding” on your shoulders. Now, to make this last your going to need a fetish. Unfortunately, this is as far as I’ve gotten. The fetish acts as a power receptical, harmonic link, and physical anchor. You feed the spirit by feeding the fetish.

The spirit will make itself known to you, probably in dreams or it will take you out of your body for a chat. It will ask for instructions. Make sure what you ask is what you want, and is in keeping with the spirits nature. Don’t offend or insult to spirit.

If you’re luck, you might contact a spirit chief/king/queen in such a case they may provide a number of familiars to you, but in this case you will make a fetish to the chieftain and feed it, and that will empower all its associated spirits. It most accessable information on these arts comes from Africa and Afro-Caribbean cultures. It is useful to study their practices. Other cultures also practice, but the information is usually more guarded and harder to come by.

If your an evocator the you can evoke a spirit and make an agreement/pact to similar ends. I’ve not done this, but it is possible, and probably quicker.

Make sure you can live with your familiars. You will pick up each others trates and you will be spending pretty much every moment together. Make sure you can live together and not end up at war. Hope this helps.

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