Fame and fortune with music

I’m working with Apollo as my mentor for music and to become a wildly successful musician and he said to look up entities to help me get fame and an audience. Does anyone know of any such entities?




Amdusias assists in developing musical skills. He also provides excellent familiars.


The constellation Lyra rules over fame in the arts. The patron constellation of Hollywood, basically.

Apollo instructed Orpheus to play the lyre. When Orpheus died, the Muses took his remains to a higher plane, thereby protecting his artistic identity. Aquila took his lyre upward to the gods, thereby securing his artistic legend. In this way, Orpheus became a legendary artist archetype.

Clearly from that Greek pataki, you see that you should call on Orpheus as a guide, call the Muses to give your art guidance and support, and call Aquila (aka Garuda) to secure your legend.

You may want to go to a crossroads at around 3am, call Mercury to bring your petition to the gods, then announce your intention, asking Orpheus to guide your art, and the Muses and Aquila to secure your musical fame. Then play your instrument for 9 days until sunup until a shadow figure comes and instructs you on what to do next. This is known in Hoodoo as the crossroads ritual.

Robert Johnson was said to have done this type of work to become famous on guitar. Tommy Johnson also admitted to doing this for blues fame, and so did the violinist Giuseppe Tartini, who wrote the Devil’s Trill Sonata in honour of the black man who gave him his violinistic skill. Gamblers such as Casanova have admitted to doing a similar work to this as well. It has a storied reputation, but caveat emptor and test things for yourself.


Astaroth and Arachne


King Paimon will help with music as well, not perhaps the audience, but fining your music skills will increase popularity too :wink:


I’m interested in this thread too. For now I don’t need too much help in my skills, but for selling your music and being famous you need hell of a luck, even if you are the most talented dude around. I want this “luck”, and I want it now. :smile:


True. Some don’t seem to get it’s not just about talent and a quality product… Tens and tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars may need to be spent in promo and music videos, etc. I notice there may be some type of judgement over fame though. If some are famous, and we do have pro, unique, heartfelt stuff, then why couldn’t or shouldn’t we?

In order to attain fame, it is imperative to be convinced you do deserve that fame, believe it is beneficial for all of humanity and more importantly, give yourself permission to be famous and successful.


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