Falling in love in your Lucid dream, what does it mean

So in Lucid dreaming i’m very connected to the spirits of my diseased family. And I learn things in those dreams.

But now for the second time in a while I go back in my life and meet somebody I did know, maybe had some feelings for (but not that much I think) and now I’m falling a love instantly in my Lucid dream. So in love that I went to facebook and look if I can find that person :joy::joy::joy::joy:.

What does this even mean?

Background: I had relationships but after puberty I got insecure towards woman. So I never had a long relationship till I was 37 (turning 40 now). This relationship lasted till the beginning of this year.


I don’t know what it means but I have had lucid dreams where I was in a relationship that felt like it was ongoing for years, complete with memories.


Honestly I feel like the meaning doesn’t matter. Just accept the love. Sweet dreams bro.


Please say you mean deceased not diseased.

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Sorry deceased, I got an edit problem. Cannot change it in some windows on the forum.

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