Fallen Angel Amitriel

So, I was looking for a statue of Lucifer to buy for my altar. In the middle of the shopping search on google. This bust appeared…

I never heard of this angel either as an archangel as I found a tiny bit listed or a fallen angel. Anyone know anything? I am taking it as a sign since the bust showed up in the middle of a Lucifer search.


@anon48079295 Anything you know about this?

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There’s no real history on this angel, no information on their place as an archangel or a legitimate angel at all. It was an art piece created by someone.


Thanks I found a little like for Oracle card site but nothing about the angel.

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Wow, very beautiful. It had an immediate effect on me :smiley:

This combination of greatness, which then again is bound and forced to be a slave or prisoner, the innocence it pictures at the same time and yet something on it telling you, she isn’t that innocent… and the sweetness combined with sadness. Just amazing!!!

I have a strong sense I’ve heard her name before in regard to something, but I cannot recall what it was… I’ll try to remember… if anything interesting comes up, I’ll share it … it may be simply nothing (mind plays tricks on us sometimes)

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Nothing… mind trick… must have been the greatness of the art leaving a hole in my mind! :smiley:

But wow… I may buy it just because it’s such an amazing piece of art :slight_smile:

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She called to me too and I storied to look her up.

I found this without the r in the name.

Legit or not, it still a nice find :slight_smile:

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I know it is so beautiful.

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I think that is it… I tried leaving out a letter, had the feeling it was written a little different, but picked the wrong one… I looked up Amitil, which wasn’t making it …

OH YES!!! Now I recall it. I were seeing some numbers at some time and looking up what the numbers meant, this angel came up. I straight remembered the event, when I started reading the description of the card. So, it wasn’t a mind trick, I had her encountered at some point. If you didn’t had posted this, or posted it a moment later, I would had waived it as nothing and not remembered anything… as I wouldn’t have seen it anymore.

I have to thank you @Angelb1083 endlessly!!!
As I read a bit more about her on another site I remembered quite some more which I now wonder, how I could have forgotten it all.
I thought at some point that this angel is my guardian angel. I don’t know why I forgot about it and than later started asking myself once again, if I have any guardians and who these may be.

This all probably comes, because I wouldn’t write things down :frowning:
Well, this changes now… and as I started a BoS, it goes now directly in there!

Now I no longer wonder, that I felt immediately this connection to her/the art, and this immediate effect on me… it surely wasn’t just the art.

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