Failed evocation of king paimon and Doubts

So, i tried an evocation with wheat flour and salt as circle, and offering of chocolate and mountain dew for king paimon. I did’nt began with banishing, idk i just not prefer it, So i took a bath and arranged the things up, started chanting the enn but nothing happened. Although, i had made a script for king paimon which i read and gave license to depart. The only thing i gained is my loss of fear. Previous night i had nightmares about evoking, so i was indeed very anxious. Now, it my senses that are not developed but i am very lazy too because of my depression and is the main reason i went down LHP path to change my reality.

I feel very hopeless now, since i have poor astral senses it will take time to develop them. I can’t evoke other spirit because i won’t be able to percieve. I have no idea what to do?
And i evoked king paimon to accept me as his student, i never had any dream after that evocation, no idea if king paimon even wants to work with me?

This is the sigil that i made:

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Getting rid of the fear is the first step.


And stop lusting for results the second :wink:


maybe you can start slowly before a big(ger) kind of ritual.
chanting his enn while focussing on his sigil and ask him to talk to you via a candle flame (candle scrying)

What result should i lust for? I asked for teachings.

Have you tried meditating beforehand? I’ve got anxiety and have got over the worst of my depression since I called him into my life to guide me. Believe me I know it’s easier said than done but you’ve got to find some way to calm yourself only then will you’re mind really open up to experiences outside the norm, hope this helps xx


I was having depression even before evocation but after that it got really worse, though it taught me to stay present and detached from ego. Idk if this king paimon working? I asked him to come in my dream but i never got a sign.

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I rate you go with it and push through. He may be testing you. After I called him things got worse, way worse before I started to feel better. I know he wanted me to calm tf down and he put things in place so that I would. Continue working with him, meditate and don’t give up. And don’t just look in you’re dreams for signs, he’s everywhere Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah, i think that it may be possible. Anyway, i don’t even have any options so i am just going to stick with my practice. Thanks a lot, i just need to have faith.

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I know how you feel but coming from a Christian background I had so much faith in a god I was told would send me to hell or do all kinds of badness to me should I ever waver in my faith to him and that bad things happen to ungodly people. He never did anything for me yet demons have done more for me in 3 months so f him :rofl:

Also when you call king Paimon he really does turn up. X


I agree wholeheartedly! I used to be an evangelical Christian hardcore ( secretly hated the hell out of it, but I was terrified of being punished and my loved ones ) I’m so much happier now and if that’s wrong I don’t want to be right.


Hello! I wanted to say I understand your doubts at first, but he can be quite subtle at times with his energy especially if you’re not open / as sensitive. Please do not despair or lose heart, I’m sure he’s listening regardless :two_hearts: it can take a little bit of time.


Yeah sure, thanks :two_hearts: .

Hey there OP!

This is a longer post.

Wow, there is a lot going on in this thread. Your emotions are pouring out of the words, and so I don’t doubt your sincerity in wanting to change your reality. A lot of people want to change, but then shrink away from what is presented, or what they have to do to change. Magick takes conviction and consistent dedication, not just sincere wishing and thinking about it. Action. Take action, and take back control. Its one of the most powerful things you can do.

So I want to help, because Ive been in your shoes before when I was a teenager xD Though, I cannot do the work for you. This is a journey for yourself. I am going to quote a few things that stuck out to me in your OP.

It is really hard to be motivated when you are depressed. I get that. Been there, done that. However, you should not let it rule you. Do something, anything. Start a daily practice, I would suggest energy work or qigong. Do it for like 5 mins a day. Really focus on your breath and the visualizations. Just. Do. Something. 5 mins is better than 0, and eventually, with all types of work, it builds on itself and you will start to naturally open up your energy channels, and become sensitive. Then, when you feel up to it, increase to 10, 15, etc.

Relax, and do the exercises without the weight of expectation, without wondering, is this what qi feels like? Energy flows best through a relaxed body.

If you dont want to learn qigong, start with other types of meditations. Do the pendulum exercise, where you visualize a pendulum swinging back and forth. Try to hold the image for as long as you can. Set a timer for 5 mins. Then move to 10 when you get comfortable with 5. This will help increase your focus and the potency of your magical imagination. Do the Blue Ray meditation (you can search EA’s version on YouTube). Learn about breath and breathing techniques.

Build yourself a solid foundation for your practice. Then move onto evocation.

Also, you may want to do a banishing ritual before evocation. If you have a ritual you do right before evocation, you are setting yourself up for success, because you are using psychology to your advantage. This is not to banish the energies around you, but to banish your own doubts and fears of failure in evocation. To banish your own negative energy holding you back. Banishing, if done before each ritual, will help put you in the Godly mindset where you become the Operator and thus allow you to aspect the divine easier. Basically, it will help you put yourself in the right frame of mind.

You can still evoke, but the conversation will be very one-sided. You DO have an idea of what to do. You need to start and build up your skills and magical abilities, take back your power, and forge your own destiny. Become your hope, as hope is really just an internal feeling after all.

What are your reasons to coming to the left hand path? Why do you want to evoke? Do you really want these skills and abilities? If so, what are YOU going to do about it? Magick is a journey, taken step by step, there are hardly any instant mircales, and those who can evoke such power earned it, I assure you. They put in the time, and were dedicated. Do some introspection, and when you feel hopeless, point to your reasons for being, for practicing, and them inspire you. Let them drive you forward. And you know what? It is OK if they change with time or don’t exactly know why. Nothing is static.

To be a student, you must first give yourself permission to learn.

…You will find that experience, when cultivated through positive repetition, is the greatest affirmation of the reality of a thing… So, become as a child, unconcerned about peer acceptance, unconcerned about results validation, unconcerned about proving your worth, and unconcerned about the possibility of failure…

^ This is a quote from EAs book Ordo Acensum Aetyrnalis or the OAA.

Work for yourself, and put your mind to forming a foundation, without expectation. When you stop trying so hard, you will be surprised how easily things come to you. There is a lot of work ahead of you, and only you can do it. There is no easy path, but you have a path. You can walk it or not. Advance or stay where you are. Whatever happens, you are in control of your own destiny. Use that, as it is your greatest power.


I really appreciate that you took time and replied, thanks for that! I do not procrastinate anymore, my perspective has been changing very fast, 10 days ago i was really miserable and now, i am probably most productive i have ever been. I have chosen LHP out of desperation, to control external factors of my life, now i can myself develop psychic powers but that’s a very long way. Currently my plan is to astral project and approach spirit in astral realm itself, and i am working towards it. I have been trying to be mindful all day, so that i can be aware while asleep but this practice is having a big impact on my mind and the reason for change in perspective.

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the only thing i have to say is use your imagination or look up other people’s posts and stuff like your doing. People have been calling me crazy and that I’ve been hearing things for years but when i actually listen to these thought voices that i always ignored good things happened. They weren’t saying like murder people but if i had listened to them i would not have been arrested for shop lifting. That is the kind of stuff they were telling me not to do. And i have been listening more and it’s been a little weird but there have been good results.