Failed evocation of azazel attempt

Hello everybody.
I talked to a few sorcerers including J.S. Garrett on if it’s possible to evoke or invoke spirits without getting into trance. And they all said yes.
J told me to light incense and just keep calling on azazel with his sigil. Then I asked him if it’s ok if I go without the sigil Then he said yes. I asked him if he used a sigil in his first evocation and if he got into trance and he said he didn’t. It took him 3 days before a spirit finally showed up.

Anyways I’m trying to evoke azazel. Andraconias told me to charge the sigil and chant his name and call on him. Waiting for the area around me to fade out till just the lines of the sigil are showing, or until the line of the sigil on the paper disappears. I got to the point where the lines disappear but no sign of the room fading out in front of me. How do I get that to happen? It seems almost impossible for me because I have a negative spirit already with me telling me he won’t let me evoke spirits or get into trance and that he’s taking me to hell. So how many times does it take for a demon to show up when you’re not using trance or sigils ? Does it take a longer time when you don’t use those things? Have any of you guys ever failed at an evocation attempt? How long did it take you to see your first demon?
I felt a presence but couldn’t tell who it was…
How do I get azazel to appear without trance using a sigil? Or even without both? Thank you!

(by the way I’m sorry that I didn’t introduce myself on that newcomer page where you introuduce yourself and post a picture. I can’t find the option on my phone where it says to comment on it. I will try to introduce myself on there when I get to my mom’s house so that I can just use her computer instead of this phone.)

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Just a little more time and practice and be patient and he will appear, according to what is true that feeling the presence of the impression that the initial relationship was created.

he’s enn is Itzrel Itzrel Azazel!

good luck bro!


Appreciate it! … But what if it was just the spirit that is already with me?

Why you’re not banishing that harmful spirit first? Whatever it is obviously is trying to block you.


Because he said he is blocking me from banishing him and getting into trance to call on better spirits to banish him for me… I was going to try evoking another spirit without getting into trance since that must be the only way to get rid of him

I was told that you don’t need trance. And that is my only hope

Yea right, pull some LBRP up his butt and we’ll see if he will leave or not.


Where can I find that? Do you need to be in trance to do it?

No you don’t need to be in trance, just to concentrate. Keep in mind that he might go all panic mode and try to pull you from the concentration.


Yeah there’s no way the spirit will still linger after this. You should perform it for a few days until you feel that entity has left.

But how can I do it when I cannot get into a meditative state? The spirit is blocking me from doing so.

And he says in the video that you need to be in a meditative state…

I would recommend the full ritual actually, Qabbalistic Cross --> LBRP --> Qabbalistic Cross. Just to kick his punk ass for good.


Well then try your best to meditate or at least concentrate. You might have to repeat it for a few days, you’ll notice that even if you can’t meditate first, he will become weaker day by day. You can’t let a stupid harmful spirit dictate you. Definitely he won’t sit back and watch you banishing him, he will try to prevent you. Its up to you if you will let him.


I know this ritual is powerful but it’s not the one I use. I use protection from the book magical protection by Damon brand. There you will find everything you need to permanently remove entities and bring a force of protection against all forms of misfortune. I suggest that book it doesn’t use a meditative state for anything

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Do you have any special trance techniques that you use. In going to try it… Maybe I didn’t try hard enough to reach a trance state

Did you try to see what that spirit wants from you and have a dialogue with him/her?

Yes, it’s more difficult.

The chances for an evocation to fail are extremely small, the spirit/s most of the times will come in some way or another, even if you can’t see Him/Her or hear Him/Her, just try to notice how the atmosphere changes, how random thoughts are implanting in your mind, how you get impressions, how your feeling that your watched by some invisible eyes from all the directions, etc. I think that someone must be a really idiot to “fail” at an evocation.

What your reffering to when your saying “to appear”? Explain more.

Ummm, that could depend about the individual.

Azazel was the first entity that I evoked (because He really caught my attention and I got fascinated by Him) and I got intense results from the first evocation!! (I don’t know why, because I was a newbie, my astral abilities were extremely weak… But somehow I got that experience that I don’t think I’ll ever forget) Because of that, Azazel has a special place in my heart.


Try AdamThot’s void meditation, it could bring you extremely easy in a deep trance and you’ll also experience interesting phenomenon. (or maybe not, because anyways visions, entities, messages are appearing to me) I’ve received messages, visions, etc. while trying that thing, even after some time I’m still trying to get more informations about what some things might mean or to which will lead me to. If it doesn’t work that technique, you could try imagine your falling into total nothingness and also combine that with trying to recreate the feeling of actually falling from a big height (that could bring some nausea to you, be aware of that).


To be honest I don’t do anything special, it just happens… Maybe it helped me that I was in magic long ago. I know I don’t help you much with this statement, but if you check in the forum you can find some good exercises.

@Alex01 do you have a link? I didn’t knew he has a guide on that!

Never mind I found it lol

What do you mean when saying “guide on that”? Azazel from what I’ve observed is almost always around me.

And to what your reffering when saying that?