Facing "Death" on the various paths of spiritual cultivations

Is “Death” the most commonly feared topic in any spiritual community? To the point that it is taboo? I have been most well educated on the topics of death especially the death of the physical body, the death of the soul and the death of the spirit.

Many years ago, I was most interested in attaining spiritual enlightenments via the most powerful, largest spiritual and/or even religious organizations on this planet. Namely Buddhism, especially Tibetan Buddhism, followed by Daoism, and then Hinduism. I have always shun away from Christianity and Catholicism because the Catholic Jesus didn’t really teach meditation and/or spiritual enlightenment of the soul. Some masters of mine introduced the beginnings of Gnostic Christianity through the internet.

Once, I thought that the Tibetan Buddhism Body of Light the Rainbow Body is the Ultimate Spiritual Enlightenment the spiritual pinnacle of human attainments the star of spiritual realization.

Well, let me apologize to me, myself and I that I am completely wrong because I completely deluded myself and fooled myself into embracing the Right-Hand Paths in the fear of the Left-Hand Paths. I have not really faced “Death” yet but because I am trying to fight for "Death, I have been able to help my spiritual masters and my spiritual teachers deal with our mutual enemies. My enemies are all manner of Right-Hand Paths Fanatics mainly too many East Asian Old Monks & too many East Asian Old Nuns on the path of Buddhism who have been practicing all manner of deviant Right-Hand Paths spiritual practices in order to attain the “Ultimate Body of Light”.

The Destroyer God has counseled me thoroughly to look closely at myself in the mirror and ask myself why have I suffered so much through chasing and fighting against all manner of oppositions all manner of obstacles in the war against hell. You see, I was afraid of going to Hell to suffer for my sins to suffer for the sins of my Destroyer God.

You see, there is a Destroyer God. There is also a Creator God. Both the Destroyer God and the Creator God are at war with each other within myself, within yourselves, within each and every sentient being on this planet. This is why for the last decade or so, I have suffered so much in order to serve the Creator God in order to endless Create endless power, endless beauty, endless health, endless wealth, endless relationships, endless spiritual enlightenments, endless protections, etc.

Well, no longer.

I now search for the Ultimate Truth in the service of Death & Darkness the Destroyer God.

I have petitioned the Universe in order to become the Death God in Hell so that when I die in this mortal lifetime, I will become a Death God in Hell to burn, torture, rape, pillage, destroy, imprison, consume all manner of Right-Hand Path fanatics especially all manner of East Asian Old Buddhist Monks & all manner of East Asians Old Buddhist Nuns who have sworn on their graves to burn, torture, rape, pillage, destroy, imprison, consume the Universal God in order to become the next Universal God.

I Have Now Truly Become My Own Vengeance.


At Your Service.

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This is role playing, right?


So much highschooler angst

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Some people here actually have that kind of story, but in a much less cinematic fashion. I enjoyed the read nonetheless :clap: now let’s eat pinneaple pizza, wasn’t that invented by Hawaians?

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As Italian I don’t know whether to laugh or cry ahhaha lol


I can’t say whether it was invented here, but I’m up for it. :slight_smile:

Actually… It might be called Hawaiian but it was invented by a Greek dude.
Please don’t shoot us!


I like pineapple on pizza, so, thank you Greeks!



Good for u, I chosen to become to be reborn, as ones of Lilith’s daughters, known as a Succubus , who named shall be Stanlina Darkness.