Eyes of the Raven

This my general journal to store my own shit lol


So it’s come up that Azazel and Horus and egpyt wants my attention… Any pointers @Eye_of_Ra?

I also accidentally typed in crows death trying to look for this. Times are going to be interesting.

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Think I’d work with Sekhmet first.

Lucifuge has ties to Egypt as well.

Meditate on the pyramid I get really good visions when I do.

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As for Azazel?

Azazel is very close to Sekhmet so I think I would ask her to help with Azazel. …

Or you could evoke him…

I had experiences with both Azazel and Lucifuge in Egypt.


I sent a pm

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I look over it in a few … :slight_smile::heart:

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The trickster has completed his dance, it’s now time. Now watch, as I fade back into the mist.

Just got done shopping… @kiss-lamia-lilith I got the rose quartz and moonstone. Rainbow moonstone to be exact.


So Ra is angry then. Interesting. So is Ptah. And Ptah created everything.

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What’s that mean?

That was when we were arguing I was talking about that “situation”

It didn’t have anything to do with you directly.

It’s ok.

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How I feel

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