Eyes from another life

I happen to have visions of other eyes, using magic or not.
I close my eyes and it’s like I’m wide-eyed only in another place that I don’t know.
someone else with the same experience?

These past weeks I feel like sometimes when my eyes are closed or it’s dark at night, I’m seeing a life that could be mine but isn’t. Not anything “fantasy,” it’s more like people I know in places that feel real but I know I don’t belong there. Sometimes it’s family I haven’t spoken to in a while or places I want to go. It changes but feels like it could be my life; if you put me there I would accept it as my life but obviously, I know it isn’t.
I don’t know if you mean like this or more “past-life” things because that’s a whole other topic that is so much more complicated. Yes, I’ve had visions of things very different from this reality as well if that’s what you were asking.

Sounds like remote viewing to me, though when I do soul retrieval journeys, I go from looking at the back of my eyelids, to the place in the astral I need to be. Remote viewing I can’t direct, or change or influence. Soul retrieval journeys and astral projection I can direct and interact with.

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Perhaps I have something similar. During meditations, I can very well see other areas and feel them (usually these are mountains, a waterfall, an abandoned temple, steppe and some others).