Eye Problems Affecting Sigil Work, Help?

I don’t know if anyone else is having this problem, but I’m hoping one of you out there (or a few preferably) could help me with this.

My eyes are a little messed up. My left is a lot weaker than my right eye so when I relax my gaze to open and use the sigil for any entity, I start to see double almost instantly. I can get to the point where the lines and everything fade in and out, but the double vision is always a hassle for me. Any ideas on how to work around this or fix it or just make the whole thing easier in any way? Thanks in advance to all of you.

My first bit of advice is not to sweat it. The visual effect of the sigil opening is not the actual sigil opening - it’s just a cue to let you know that it is happening. Some operators just “know” the sigils are open, without any visual cue.

It sounds to me like the sigil is probably opening, and you are recognizing it as such. If you’re in the theta-gamma sync, and your intent is on opening the sigil, you are most likely opening the sigil. In some cases, having a deviation from normal like you have can actually be useful - another person on here is narcoleptic and so can drop into trance really fast, for example. If you absolutely can’t get over it, try closing your weak eye (or strong eye) and open the sigil with just one of them open - but I think using both eyes is fine.

So, don’t sweat it is my advice. Continue with the operation, and let go of your doubt.

i noticed when i am gazing at a sigil or my scrying ball my eyes get soooo tired and its hard to sometimes keep them open like if im getting sleepy all of a sudden or something. and then i remember EA talking about in evoking eternity the feeling of almost passing out…

I notice that my eyes get incredibly watery…ok I start crying lol when I gaze into a candle light…last night this happened to me and totally ruined the meditation I was trying…it sucks.

Redcircle is absolutely right. Rely more on the internal cues than the phenomenal cues.

As far as watering or tired eyes, this is a part of entering the theta state. The key is not to fight it, but to give yourself entirely over to it. If your eyes start watering, let them water, and feel the release of all of your tension in the tears. Feel the negative emotion you’ve been storing flooding out of your body. If your eyes tire, let your whole body tire, and let your mind spin out of control until you find yourself at the crossroads.