Eye pain while scrying?

Lately, in the past 2 weeks or so, Ive been getting some strange sensations while scrying.

The best way to describe it would be to imagine someone taking 2 or 3 needles, and lightly poking around the surface area of the eyeball. At first its just a stinging sensation, but the longer I go, the more it feels like the “needles” are going deeper into my eyes.

If I go for a long time, eventually I will get the sensation that my eyes are “bleeding”. No real blood to speak of, but a definite feeling of my eyes leaking a warm, thick liquid out of the pupils.

Any ideas as to whats going on here? Im guessing its some sort of energetic side affect…but I just want to make sure Im not making myself go blind or anything. Anyone else experience something similar?

Hey there- I’m not sure if its the same thing, but this might illuminate some aspect(s) for you.

First of all- I’ve experienced many degree of “discomfort” (in quotes cuz sometimes “not fun” other times ugh). I’ve seen much in pop-magic writings that seem to mix/blur “straining” (psychic-nerves or Energypaths) in the sense of too much (like straining/pulling a muscle, or burning a nervespindle)

  • but that is quite distinct for clicking to a new level (sometimes via “kunda-lini” sometimes new ChiPathways/distortions “pien cha” ie like “a hack” emergent properties… if result is like nitrous-oxide in an engine runs hot- hotter than design)… that can be pain…

    but two that come to mind for my exper, that sound a bit like your comment (but not quite): one is like- to metaphor- you have a manual transmission that shifts gears, and yet when you “shift gears” (mentally and energetically- altering as well as engaging dormant areas… sort of a wakeup jolt)… the gears grind
    either they “slip” in between, or it doesn’t fully let go of one before it connects to else- and then it sort of in both gears, that screaming-sound that jumps the vehicle… each are different, but if subtle and focused in an area can be like above- if not localized and is more “loud” its more all over.

    This last might be more the issue(?) if you let your eyes go relaxed and notice each eyes view- vs when you hard-focus eyes- does the alignment of the eye(s) change ?(compare left vs right as well as before-after)

    For ex- one eye can be rotated (like how you’d turn a volume knob- clockwise or counterclockwise… very small rotation- but enough that when you let eyes go- they align to natural, which may be different than the other eye (so usually its adjusted by eye muscles)… Also compare your foveal-shift (ie if hold up two fingers- focus eyes on a finger, and then focus on the wall behind the fingers (maybe close an eye vs the other and compare)- some as you shift nearer or farther- one of those an eye will alter “true”

    above along with tension in the softtissue in the area surrounding the eye when released can stretch… . in the same way that stretch is filled with circulation in the rest of the body-softtissue (not only blood, but synovial,lymph and interstitial… the last two can feel like wet sort of exuding… (else can be warmer or colder- as temp adjusts, but I’ve felt like not only “bleeding”-wet as you write, but almost as if it wafts-flows out into the air…

That kind of stretch-adjusting (as the first I mention) if more spread out isn’t as intense (but is more distracting- all over ache) vs if very localized, can be a small twist so that release is tender (especially if in areas you never felt anything B4, let alone that kind of feeling)-- the area under eye "interior to ears, and the area over the eye- Behind the eyebrow are two that get me… (only happened as I shifted more intensely in states, progressively mental-energetic state and I noticed physical release greater also- bit by bit)

(Long eve, so rather than try and scrub and reduce the above, thought I’d try and put down, as the pain- get through it, adjust to realign, vs doing it wrong can mess you up… those three distinctions are important and I’ve put a lot of effort in looking into those in my practice: so I don’t know if what I wrote will help you directly, but I hope it will indirectly (leading you to what can optimize where you are) -luck

Thanks for the tips and insight, Ive been practicing every night, and actually forgot I made this thread! From what youve said, and my own experience, Ive basically been stretching an atrophied muscle. Its getting better though, and now the only sensation I really get is similar to having your eyes open in a pool that has too much chlorine in it. Much better than invisible ‘needles’!

Glad if it might have helped- I’m not sure if what I may throw out there triggers and assists at times…
<<now the only sensation I really get is similar to having your eyes open in a pool that has too much chlorine in it. Much better than invisible ‘needles’!>>

I can relate, I’d say that’s much better :slight_smile:

Just to add a twist (in partic from Tao “water method” chi gung, but I find it runs in my ongoing, so like realizing one torques one’s back when sitting or leans, or raises a shoulder unconsciously… more an all the time, vs “when doing chi gung” as can be partitioned) : might add the idea of “receiving vision”

Not "pushing out" the eyes (nor "pulling in"- let the eyes wait and be ready to receive the light coming in.. I worked with that idea until I really got it, as sounds ok, sure, but underneath.. hmm what does that mean?  realized the tension literally as if reaching out to go and get- in the literal eye ball.. in some people gets bug-eye look even).  if not in the entire eye, but just parts can "dry out the eye" and feel left-lower part of eyeball pushing/tense  (push part-pull other.. ugh).

Also imagine you have some clothes sort of scooped into your arms- like hugged to your chest (the tree hug sort of position) like forearms basket (not so much for that pose, just the metaphor, but the practice drawover may be revealing)…
Then imagine (or actually) let your arms open and let-go the clothing a bit- not fully- but open so it starts slipping the grip that was holding it… it sort of slides via the opening down your chest-stomach. to your seat (if seated, or hips-standing/same thing) and then the floor-feet… even if seated slips along legs…

If that same slipping through your grip- gravity (not release, but still in the grip- just enough:  this came out more compicated- quick to show in example, but thought I'd struggle-force myself to try and type it out :) other example holding a staff (broom handle) in the middle of it... so one end is pointing at the ground but raised up.. loosen your fist a bit so it just starts to slide-fall down, not disconnect your grip fully, but not hold tight enough so it is stuck... you can find that you can loosen a lot before it starts to move anyway (and thus baseline holding is tighter than needs to be... same in neck-torso- and in "mind")

Thus have the awareness behind the eyes (not just physically- literally not as an idea /eye-de-ah… and not visualize… making picture to see/think = tenses eyeball and thus optic nerve tension [one can allow vision elements to float up into awareness without “creating” via tensing parts of experienced visual field)… .not just phy, but also in exper… and thus feeling/mind (just behind where you are sensing-looking from… let that part- release- and what is held within that grasp can slip a bit… to where it can go, more free? we’ll see…

that (as a part of qigong/neigung) a tweak to get, but do and can get a softening-moistening of the eyes in practice (and then as baseline… “eyes in pool” could also mean a feeling of floating, better than stuck-solid… but then more

(see with your “feet” by your “feet- under the ground” looking through your "center which then sees what comes into your eyes (not looking “out” your eyes)… not imagine that part looking, check in and see if it is… if it was it would be… but the thoughts say if there is then I’ll take it over) If that feeling can click (over time and practice that changes meaning alot) could help- luck