Eye color

I have blue eyes, and years ago I added some brown into them, During a meditation session. They still have that bit of brown in them. A good friend of mine had noticed it.

He said that is cool. Do you think that it would go here or another area?

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How do you do that? I’m interested in changing my brown eyes to hazel.

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It’s easier to work towards what your family already has present in their DNA, so if no one before you had hazel eyes you’ll find it difficult to do it.


Ah I see. Since my mother has white skin maybe i can try first with that. Thanks Vel.

what meditation?

Well the daoists say that that have a liquid that they drink to shapeshift during a meditation. American Indian shaman say that they go out side of their bodies and change their body through the energy body.

They stand in front of their body and use their hands to change their body like a piece of clay.

My grandfather was Lakota Sioux. But I don’t use the shaman way of that. It has to do with energy and flow and your imagination.

The way that everyone has is different. You have to find your own way. What works best for you.


Here is a little hint “Sexual energy”. Those who know what I’m talking about will know how to use it.