Extremely Potent Goofer Dust from scratch - A guide **Possible trigger warning for those who love animals**

I have decided to post this guide on how to make Goofer dust from scratch to you all, so that you may use it when it is necessary in your own lives.
I will, however, assure you that most of you will never be able to make this particular Goofer Dust as it has ingredients native to my country, however some, and only some of the ingredients will be able to be substituted.

Trigger warning for those who love animals
I will however note that no animals suffered in the making of this dust and the insects that were killed were killed quickly and humanely, or were found dead prior to this beginning.

This particular recipe has been passed down to me through a secret left hand path group living in Australia, that of which, the name of, I am not able to give you.

I was able to speak with a High Priest about divulging this recipe to you, which was said to be fine, as long as the correct and necessary warnings are given.

The Warnings that are absolute and necessary;

  • This Goofer Dust included ingredients that can harm your physical body, and should be handled with extreme care and caution - Personal protective equipment is necessary.

  • It is not to be used unless absolutely necessary against a person, as this dust can, and most likely will cause sickness or death. This is not hot foot powder.

  • The recipe is strict, and should not be altered unless impossible to obtain correct ingredients.

  • The methods of which obtaining the ingredients must be done correctly or the dust will have a much lower chance of working correctly, and could back fire on the person who uses it or makes it.

  • There is no reverse or cleansing method for this particular dust, use it knowing that whomever your target is will surely face a terrible future

Some items you will need;
-Pestle and Mortar
-Respirator or something else to protect from breathing in the dust
-A cloth to mix the ingredients on
-Glass jars and small glass Vials to hold ingredients in

The Ingredients - All of which are necessary.

- Highly venomous snake skin
For this particular recipe, the type of snake is important. The more venomous, the better.
Luckily for me, I live in Australia which is home to many highly venomous snakes.
For this recipe, I have used the skin of the highly venomous Eastern Brown Snake. One bite from this Snake can and will kill you.

The method to obtain this ingredient is simple in theory, yet extremely dangerous in practice.
The snake must shed at least a small portion of its skin in your hands.
Luckily for me, a friend of mine spent a large portion of his life in science and now extracts venom from snakes in order to create anti-venom. He allowed me to witness a once in a life time moment, where an Eastern Brown shed its skin, as it had been ‘milked’ very recently, I was assured it was safe to hold the snake while it was shedding, for roughly 3 seconds before I got scared and immediately asked for the snake to be removed from my person. I was allowed to keep half of the Skin.

- Salt

- Black Pepper

- Ceyenne Pepper Powder

- Powered Sulfur

- One Ant with a strong bite

- One Fly

- One Female Redback Spider
Another cautionary warning - this spider can kill.
The method of obtaining is not one allowed to be discussed on this forum due to forum rules.

- Dead, Dry Thyme that has been without sunlight for at least one month

- Graveyard Dirt
Yes - actual dirt from an actual Cemetery or Graveyard.
The method of obtaining this dirt is simple in theory, yet tricky in practice and extreme caution should be taken when obtaining this dirt.
Walk past the headstones and wait for your spiritual intuition to call you to a particular grave, when you reach the grave, ask the spirit if it is okay to use dirt from his grave, if you get a bad vibe from this, the answer is no.
If the answer is Yes, you will surely be given a response or prompt. Ensure you provide the spirit with an offering such as a bottle of Rum, or beer.

- Incense ash from a ritual in which something was spiritually sacrificed

- Your own blood - Used to 'reanimate the spirit of the snake’

Here is a picture of some of the ingredients I obtained, noting that this gathering task is long, and I at this stage did not have all of the ingredients.

The method of mixing;

!!!Cautionary warning - Do not breathe this dust or mix in, and do not let it touch your skin or furniture!!! Safety first!

  • There is no real set in stone method, or amount of particular ingredients in how this dust is mixed.
    Use your spiritual senses to feel when enough of everything has been placed into your Pestle and Mortar as you mix this.

  • Every time the dust changes colour in the Pestle and Mortar, use whatever foul curses you have to enhance its potency. Curse it in the name of every foul spirit you know the name of, and the darkness. Most people, at this stage also like to recite Psalms prayers over the dust, in order to give it potent power. As you can see in these photos, the colour changes rapidly and quite often - Don’t rush it.

Before cutting and mixing your snake skin into the dust, use a single drop of blood with a basic evocation ritual to evoke the spirit of a snake related diety to do your bidding, or simply ask the spirit of the snake to do your bidding this is also to be done with the spider.

How to use and store this Goofer Dust

Once you have mixed this Goofer Dust, ensure extreme caution, and place the Dust into a Glass Jar big enough to hold the entire mix, again, be cautious not to spill any. Wrap this jar in foil.
This potent mix of Goofer Dust is absolutely powerful enough to cause harm simply by looking at it, as if done correctly, will have at least 3 of the worst curses you know placed upon it and the evoked spirit of a venomous snake attached to it.
The foil will act as a ‘rebound’ and will prevent any of the negative energies placed within the jar escaping.

When using the dust, place a very small portion of it into a smaller-than pocket sized vial and take this to your target, or your targets house. A size comparison to my full mix and the vial of how much is to be used can be found in the photo below.

Spread the dust in any of these locations, without spilling any on yourself and while walking backwards;

  • The targets car
  • A path in which the target is guaranteed to walk
  • Around the targets property

Ensure that your vial is properly secured, as you do not want this potent evil dust spilling onto you or breaking in your pocket.

As you use this dust, recite a curse that you yourself have come up with - Put your emotion into it and ensure that the target gets what they really deserve.

I may have missed a few things in this, however im open to PM’s with any questions you may have.


Well, G’day mate :+1: I have to say, pretty ballsy to go anywhere near a brown, even if it has been milked… I’m pretty sure even their shadow can kill :slightly_smiling_face: I’m gonna pm you for more details, but as to the graveyard dirt, does.it have to be from a cemetery that is currently in use? I’m in rural Vic. and there’s around a million old cemeteries fairly close to me…one in particular is a place I visit often because of the vibe I get there. Thanks.


Absolutely not.
As long as there are people beneath the dirt, it should be fine.

I will note however - many many people believe from traditional hoodoo goofer dust that you should go at midnight and take it from someone who was a murderer


Think I’ll pick some up next time I’m there…it’s a powerful place.


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Just a quick note

Some people believe adding the bones of either a black cat, rooster or bat helps the goofer dust - I agree with this, however don’t believe it’s necessary

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Nice. This is definitely something only the fortunate few will ever be able to make from scratch unfortunately. But perhaps I may check out some occult shops at some point to see if they carry it. Australia seems like one of the better places to go for such things


Goofer dust is fairly common to find I believe, alas, unfortunately I believe most of it is ‘fake’ Goofer dust… This isn’t to say their versions of the dust don’t work, the intent of what the dust is to be used for is an extremely powerful tool!


Fuck yes homie
Just fuck yes


Wow. This makes me want to move down under. :grin: There is an old run down cemetery that we pass when we go on vacation. It is from the 1800s, with the oldest grave being from 1798. There are so many cool things I have gathered there besides dirt, it’s overrun with stinging nettles, and I found Bella Donna plants and mullein growing wild there, etc. Was planning on making some goofer dust, but the most poisonous snake skin I can get is from a Mojave green rattlesnake, but a brown that is rather brave of you. :grin:

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I have access to western black widow spiders, mildly venomous snakes (not sure of the exact species, but these snakes are legal to purchase in Canada) and thatcher ants.

Next time I visit the area that has the black widows, I intend to take one home as a pet. I might also take one home to kill for the spell, although choosing one spider to be my buddy and the other to be an ingredient may be difficult for my soft little heart. </3

Do you really need to purchase snake and keep them in your home for taking their skin?

Nope! I have a family member with 20+ pet snakes.

Lets see I hope everything would be fine for me.

God, they’re fucked…


And for this particular snake, I’d steer well and truly clear - it can and will bite and kill a human within 13 minutes.

As I stated in the post, I was fortunate enough to know someone who works with snakes.

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Hmmm. Im a fellow rural Victorian also, mostly copper heads round my way I do t fancy tryi g to hold one while it’s shedding, would a fresh shed skin still be effective?? Also what if the target lives in the same house as you??? Perhaps a sprinkle in their boots???

It is not hot foot powder. You can use this if you just want them to leave your house.

you can also sprinkle on their clothes or the path where they will walk upon.

This is really tough then.

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Thank you I realise that, Its just I have to factor others living in this house also, I have previously made an effort to do this but missing one vital ingredient so I improvised and is had an unexplainable physical effect that cause many months of pain and limited mobility but alas not the desired result

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@Octavia did you try the hot foot powder. Is mostly ashes of the spell you do extra empowered with salt and giving the power of Saturn through Black pepper. Add a simple powerful mantra while spreading it. It has lots of variations.