Extra sensory visualization help? Ultimate personification of failure here

Uh okay so I need help.
I can visualize things visually for short amounts of time but I really want to add my other senses into it…
especially sense of touch.

Well I been trying for kind of a while now to do exactly that but it seems almost impossible and it’s super frustrating.

Also I can’t seem to prolong or stay focused on anything I visualize…
like I could try to imagine myself interacting with objects I might like to manifest but after around probably a minute, my mind seemingly gets a mind of it’s own and either drops everything or just rushes out of the intended focus and through a million random thoughts instantly forgetting what I was even doing.

Other times like earlier today, I could try this but then just fall asleep and wake up disappointed.

What can I do?
I don’t imagine there are any basic exercises or something to fix this that even a 3 second old baby with zero attention span can do.

I just feel so lost and nothing seems to work but I cannot just stop trying.

I keep getting probably great advice thinking I’m finally going to experience success only to go right back into frustration and disappointment a few hours later.

How can I do anything with magick if I can’t even control or improve my own imagination?

Work on your focus with EA’s pendulum exercise.

Get into a relaxed state, clear your mind as best you can, and visualize a pendulum. It doesn’t matter what kind, or shape, just whatever suits your fancy (mine tends to look like the kind you find at the bottom of an old style grandfather clock, for example). Now, visualize it swinging side to side at a nice, steady pace.

At first, your mind will get bored, and will make the pendulum swing around in circles, or speed up in order to add something to make the exercise easier, but just bring your attention back to maintaining a steady swing. It will be difficult, and you’ll likely only be able to hold it for a few seconds before you mind tries to change things, but just keep bringing it back.

The goal is to work up to holding the pendulum at a steady pace for ten minutes.


Thanks @DarkestKnight. I think I will try that.