Extra cards I made to add to "Angel tarot by Travis McHenry" deck!

Extra cards for this deck :point_up:

The cards use the Hebrew names instead of tarot correspondence to avoid duplicates when added to the deck! I added a rose cross sigil in the middle because I am not 100% sure about the other seals… I followed the deck design and the drawings are mine!

Thanks to @Vaynord for getting me this psalms info!
Raphael psalm 18
Raziel is part of 80 here it is untranslated
Kosu hariym tzilah va’anafeha arzey-El
Zadkiel psalm 14

And thanks @Healing_Heart

If anyone has the deck and would like to use these be my guest! If you have any informations or want to see other archangels included, give me their info and I’ll add them!



Thanks for sharing looking good.

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Bless you and thank you! They’re absolutely gorgeous! I’ll be adding them to my deck. Why the original author didnt add them is crazy. They’re just as important as all the others. (He used metatron but not sandalphon sigh)

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He wanted to keep the tarot cards count and not have duplicates… the tarot correspondence and structure gives an idea to understand its angel for the normal tarot readers!
:sweat_smile: adding these cards changes the reading and forces you to connect to the angel instead of relying on tarot meaning!

This is amazing! I hope you’ll design your own card deck one day :open_mouth:


Zadkiel :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


:sweat_smile: I hope so too!


This is beautiful!
Infact, all your designs on here!
Well done bro💪


Impressive, my friend. Well done :slight_smile:


Yes! I’d buy. (And I’m the one who still only has one deck.)


:rofl: I’ll give you for free because you might have to do the printing…
I am not even sure how would I go about production without being caught…

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If anyone is interested in knowing a little bit of information and likes Numberology, Raphael is tied to angel numbers 220 and 999. :grinning:

Angel number 220 incorporates the specific number associated with the powerful Archangel Raphael. The number 22 is the number of the Archangel Raphael. This ascended being is classified as a guardian angel. The name Raphael translates to mean “healing’ (Rapha) and el (God) — and so, “God’s healing.”


The ninth Archangel number** is 999, the number 9 in triplicity. The angel Raphael embodies this number. While angels are “technically” androgynous, Raphael is depicted as male. He is God’s Healing, and the Angel of Rejuvenation, who helps us understand God’s forgiveness.

The number 9 represents wisdom, compassion, and understanding. It does not have a master designation in numerology, so the duplicate number 99 is mundane. In triplicity, it becomes the divine number 999, which adds up to 27 and reduces to a 9, which is divine energy of the counselor.



I like your designs!


Omg! Thanks so much!

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