External Alchemical Transmutation

Alchemical transmutation.

Alchemist’s dedicate most of their lives transmuting raw energies into higher state, now why transmute energies and other elements ?.

Many reasons you would do this, well when the alchemist transmutes the target externally, this has a internal effect on the alchemist. So transmuting led into gold is changing the basic raw soul, into a higher solar perfect state of the souls anatomy.

Alchemist’s on the LHP transmute poison into nectar, this is symbolizes the dark deadly forces that are destructive, using these chaotic forces for our benefit is using negative forces for positive effects.

Ergo the poison is transmuted into nectar, after all this is the nature of the LHP controlling the uncontrollable forces. Stopping the unstoppable and finding peace in the mist of total chaos.

Now i have transmuted material of various elements and objects, the form snaps back to its original form once, when the focus of the alchemist is no longer on the object or element then the form will seem to revert to its original form.

However the energies are no longer the same, i once coached a old apprentice of mine, he needed a stone of fire, he explained it was ritual implement he needed for a rite he channeled. So i taught him the art of alchemy, i instructed him to go into nature and do a walking meditation and be guided by the powers of magick to find the rock he needed.

Once he was pulled to the rock, i instructed him to bring it home and meditate on it so he did. I then explained he needs to remove the memory of the rock and remove the earth energies. He thought this could be done through basic cleansing and banishing of energies however this isn’t how its done.

I explained that a catalyst of great power that holds the attributes of removing energies, consciousness and memory a potent destructive force that alchemist have used for a long time. When we look at this we can understand the force needed is the sun, instead of tapping into certain aspects of the solar furnace, the entirety of the sun was needed.

So i told him to work with Sorath he was terrified when i told him this, i explained that he needs to look at this as a test, he meditated and contemplated on this he then agreed.

Example of removing memory.

Now the alchemist to transmute a object into another must alter the very molecular structure and the quantum vibration of matter, also the mind of the object needs to be exorcised of all environmental memory.

Now the alchemist needs to exorcise basically the very soul and identity of the object’s material, also altering the astral matrix and spiritual vitality of the rock itself.

I told him that he would need to perform a evocation of Sorath outdoors, during a time were sun is beaming and the heat is very potent, i walked him through this since i did the evocation myself.

So i gave him the same ritual layout, he must first get a wooden seal and color it white, then i instructed him to buy gold leaf paint, its gold in color and has real golden flakes, i then told him to carve the solar seal in the wood and on top of it Sorath’s sigil.

I then instructed him to paint the lines of the carving in gold, before he did i told him to do a solar blessing on the paint so he did, and painted the seal in gold and white.

I then told him to leave the seal outside in the rays of the sun, charge the seal, next i told him a recipe of various herbs associated with the sun, and a consecration rite on the incense, i then instructed him to take the seal and light the incense and allow the smoke to fumigate the seal.

I did this too and told him he now needs to take the seal and set it outside and house the essence of the sun and to summon the blanket manifestation of Sorath into the seal.

Now he had to feed the essence of the seal through blood letting and prayer dedication, on a Sunday i told him to take the seal and summon Sorath using various fetish items and solar herbs blended in a candle.

He summoned Sorath and he manifested through the light of the sun shining in the smoke of the solar incense, vibrating his name as a mantra and asking Sorath to manifest above the seal.

He was shocked as the light of the sun shined right on the seal and i then instructed him to place the rock on the seal. Him and Sorath both worked together harnessing the solar power to rid the rock with memory, changing the vibrations and exorcising the soul of the rock.

He was shocked as he was in trance the stone first shined with a bright spiritual solar light then, he saw the stone disappear and snap back into reality. Now the stone is a blank slate and a empty template for potential.

Now i instructed him now the memory, vibrations and energies of the rock are exorcised as well as it’s soul, he needed a source of hellfire to place into the rock.

So with the help of the gatekeepers i explored the infernal empire while soul travelling and communing with Azazel, he showed me in the lake of fire, he said this source of liquid flame is perfect for his goal.

He then gave me a gateway, demonic incantations, and a candle blend which is called the pillar of lake of fire. So he made the gate and charged it using the incantations in demonic tongue then he opened it, and called on the gatekeepers and they pulled that power and energies through the gate.

I taught him how to structure a physical orb, in a manifestation base, turning the spiritual power of hellfire into a physical power. I took him through techniques of alchemical fusion channeled by Zagan, which involves various oils, mantras and energy manipulation and one specific incantation.

He pushed and condensed that power into the rock, and i gave him a incense blend of Dragons Blood, Sandalwood, Frankincense, Wormwood and His own blood he then left that fumigate the stone, increasing the energies and new infernal fire vibrations and memories.

He structured a cube wall inside the rock keeping the hellfire inside the rock and i told him to create a small wooden version of the universal circle, he did and placed it in his temple in the south. He did a lot of blood sacrifice feeding the roaring fire inside the rock.

He lit six candles red, black, white and orange around the circle and meditated on the rock with the incense blend fumigating it. He left it in the temple and returned to it a week later and with a combination of blood and ink i gave him a seal to place on the rock.

He did this and opened it, he noticed the color on the rock before was deep brown, now it became a dark orange, he saw physical changes and felt intense heat and power radiating of it.

He was astonished he kept telling me its like the rock fell from a volcano and still has residue of the molten lava, he was ecstatic and couldn’t believe how potent of a change that took place.

i laughed and told him " that’s alchemy for you brother ". He kept complaining a week after about feeling hot all the time and said, he wasn’t even near the rock. He didn’t understand i scanned him and i laughed.

I told him well i have good news, i said first now you have a powerful ritual relic but …

Infernal fire is flowing through his energy body, which cleared all his blockages both in chakras and in his psyche. He still has this rock and uses it in all his rites on his altar the more he uses it the more power it gains.

Now the more he works upon the stone the more he works upon the infernal fire inside him, he also has a center power nexus on his altar and gateway to the lake of fire having access to all its power and demons.

Now this is just a minor example of Alchemical Transmutation i wish to see more magicians on here working through this powerful art not only changing objects into other and making potent ritualized power nexions but also transmuting the body and make it fit for a living god.

Transmute the basic self, into the perfect godself using this art.


Conner Kendall.


Fuck yes :metal:
Just what I needed, as Im working with Adrammelech for physical Molding of my Body and he is guiding me to Alchemy

Awesome Work Brother


So for the physical flesh, you would rid it of its environmental/cellular memory right down to the DNA and replace it with Whatever energy you choose, right?

Using Solar energy or any planet energy of course


Fuck yes brother the only catalyst capable of converting one material into another or producing a substantial alteration is our own sunlight.

Sun’s light caries subsonic melodic vibrations which attune our entire beings to levels so subtle to cause miraculous changes.

If needed i will come up with a solar rite to aid with your endeavors.


Awesome Man, thnks.
I would appreciate it if you could do a rite for manipulating Sound Waves tho :sunglasses:
That would be lit

Ive been intrigued about that shit for a while. Experimented with Sonokinesis for a bit


Well if your goal is higher alchemy transmuting the lower self into the golden sunlight of source consciousness and making the self a template for godlike potential then i have the perfect rite in mind.


Thats exactly the Goal


great i’ll work on it now.


I would gladly follow your instructions, and i dont usually use other peoples magic.

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