Exploring the tarot through communication

I’ve decided to take on what will be a long process of communicating with each and everyone of the tarot cards by basically using the same methods as you would a Q&A with a spirit.
Only without all the questions I lay out a single card and ask it to reveal more detail into it’s meaning.

I’m starting with the major arcana (trumps).

So far I’ve done The Fool and The Magus.

When I tried this with The Fool I just laid it out on my coffee table and questioned it.

I got an answer but not as in depth as I did with The Magus.

With The Magus I did it as more of a ritual.
Invocation of omnipotence,the use of an altar,a chalice with concecrated alcohol,a wand,and circle casting.
So I might go back to The Fool with this method to see if I get more information.

I basically gaze into the card and open it like a sigil until the image on the card becomes 3 dimensional then I say something like “The Magus card.Reveal to me your meaning and secrets.”

That’s when I start getting answers.

Anyway here is my experience with The Fool and The Magus.

The Fool
"I am the everything and the nothing.The beginning and the end.

Me:“Are you revocable?.”

The Fool:“Yes.As are all things.Evoke your beginning.”

Note:I got the impression that The Fool is an initiator.Also when I attempted to skry The Fool into a black mirror I had on my coffee table I got the impression/response “More proper” hence why I’m going to try The Fool again in a more proper setting.

That was it.Now onto The Magus.

The Magus

Me:What is your meaning?."

The Magus:"I am the creator and the destroyer.I represent man’s true power.All humankind has me within them whether it be through majickal or mundane means.I am the first step to power.I am the human’s first realization of this power.Because I am a magus does not mean I solely act through majick.I can manipulate this world by many means.

Me:Do you wish to reveal to me images in the mirror?."

The Magus:“There is no reason.You already have your answer.”

I closed the ritual by thanking Theagus like I would a spirit.

I plan on continuing this experemt to comprise a journal of what the cards reveal to me so I can become a better reader.
I’ll probably go back to The Fool to see if he can grant me anymore info using the ritual setting I did with The Magus.

Hope you guys enjoyed this!


interesting idea, pathworking and evoking the tarot