Exploitation of meat puppets

So I posted another thread about a successful operation and the first comment I got was about what an ass I am for exploiting the weak. Unfortunately this has been a big part of my occult success so I want to get you opinion. There are certsin people in this world who I consider meat puppets. They are especially sensitive to my occult influence. I use these people to my advantage often. They seem to present themselves in the most oppritune times. I am always on the look out for them and feel no remorse in using them ito my advantage. What is your moral opinion towards this.

I personally don’t have a problem with using others to your advantage, people have ways of getting ahead be it nepotism, playing office politics, using sex or favors. Use the tools at your disposal, let the whiners whine and the winners win.

I am aware that my answer to this old post is obituary. It brings me a question! If you’re still alive or healthy, (because occultism is not without effect on health!) and I admit that it would not displease me that your health has deteriorated given this that you allow yourself to do on other people around you. Anyway here is my question: how can you believe in the occult (and therefore the devil) without even believing in God and his divine justice?
Be cursed if you are not yet dead or go fast repentance before death poor beast => Surah 102 Holy Quran to clean your devils.

Oh shut the fuck up.