Explain to me how I have visions of your videos just before they come out. It’s happened several times now.
The last one being the one for the Astarte …make your lover your pet.


You know what’s funny? Me too, but I heard Azazel whispering it and I saw the vision after the fact.


May be cuz E.A is hacking into ur mind to get those information. I think you can claim copyrights violation!

It isn’t just you. I noticed it today as well.

Maybe we’re tapped into it? I didn’t have one about Astarte but i had a dream about possessing my dad with I think it was Baal? or something I forgot. It was out of the normal for a lot of my dreams

It’s precognition and it’s totally normal. :+1:


A fairly simple answer that seems logical to me is that your psychic senses has reached a point where you may not have to go scrying or the like to recieve something, what if a thought in your mind relating to E.A’s work and your mind simply revealed to you what’s going on?

Or easier yet it’s like answer @AdamThoth has already given.

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This is much more detailed than just a quick vision. …

And I’m not going into details on here.

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