Expieriences and Knodledge Regarding Planetary Magic

(PS - ultimate Goal isn’t fight between Magicians, but success in our fight against the FALSE GODS of Dead Religions. My personal Goal, and i confessed to my own heart to work towards this in my way, is to help all of us jump from CHEMY to ALCHEMY, learning to use the real Magick, as it’s supposed to work. Becouse, there is real NEED for a STOP in this IDIOTICY, of believing, Energy would be FINATE. Energy, can be used, expanded, disexpanded, it changes states, but it is NOT something to pay for, for a Magician, who really want’s to reach the physical Level of Manifestation, by Pure precise Will.
Will over Love, was the Law, called out from Aleister… I SAY:
Will out of Love, Shell be the NEW LAW,
for those of us who want to go that road.)

I know, each Train of life, brought it’s own side effect’s with it,
Which is why i focused on Learning Healing first, as i mentioned.

I knew, no one of use could stand that stage of Magick, forever, without learning to properly Regenerate.

Therefore, i’d like to open and Welcome this Discution.

I may also adress Questions regarding the seperation of sleep and awake states,
aswell as questions regarding Advancing Alchemy,
Personality Training,
Dynamics of Might and Body / Mind Control.

However, pretty much my personality is known by now. :wink:

So, i thank all of you for participating, and your Gratitude.




I’m only a few minutes into the presentation but WOW. I love this stuff.

Planetary and Celestial symbolism are most potent. Deep meditation on celestial bodies can be very dizzying.

It is true that celestial bodies are symbols of eternity and durability.

This video is pure light.

Thank you so much.



Hope, is not Enough!

To learn to be becoming being,

i’d advise to learn and study about personal Trust Patterns.

Make it a part of your Magicians Manual / Book of Shadows.

Trust, is given out of Gratitude.

It’s the Source, inside of the Human Vessle, which command’s his Hopes and Fears: The certanty, of how sure you want to go a certain way, about a certain Thing.

Personal Gravity,
is the key,
for the Works to follow.

to trust in yourself,
and others,
and then opening the Eyes again,
and realizing,

“I was blind,
Yet now,
I can see!”

Becoming fully developed Masters of our Personal Lifes, knowing we rely on a Brotherhood of Powerful other Magicians, also able to Move equal Power, that, is what i seek.

I know, this woun’t be for everyone.

Those who try, are very WELCOMED!!!

I have to note tho, real Anarchism, was never considered possible, until now.
Becouse, the Human is natrually interdependend.
He Needs the World, as much as the World Needs him.

Shamanism, isn’t a Power we only obtain from within.
Especially Shamanism, and it’s deeper Roads of really working with Spirits,
That may even give a backlash, depending on situations,
is only Gained interdependendly.
There’s a WE, needed for that part of practicioners.

And that We, is most sacred, when needed the least.
Of Course, the main reson we learn how to learn in General,
is the ability, to do stuff based on our selfes.

The embodiment of Godhood,
furfills itself there.

Doing, what one’s Limits seem to only allow a Spirit to be successful to do?
The Shaman, is the one who is supposed, to be able to command his OWN Spirit,
Like it was both a GOD and a DEMON,
Becouse that’s what real Sorcery seeks since … - whatever!

Reaching Physical Dension of Evokation,
isn’t a Honeytale.
There is Extremes,
some don’t want to cross.

  • I want to set this reminder here:
    Peace, Comes from Silence. The most sacred Silence, is to Listen, without interfearance from the own Rhythm.

I still seek, re-learning,
the full depth of complete Meditation,
which i only reached once as far as i remember,
since takin this Vessle.

The full Grade of Meditation as i mean it:
Going inside of your Body,
you even had a Body.

-The Power of the inner Void.

I lost it, for good reasons.

Now, i obey it BACK!

Best Regards,


You’re Welcome, Ra, even by P’tah!




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One more word about Priestship:

To treat Spirits like a Person,
going from the
I’m OK, you’re OK,
if you feal,
you may be to FEARED to have Success.
This will help all which have Problems in regards of DOUBT!!!


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I have been considering the ability to Listen, in the sacred sense, the truest form of Grace.

Wonderful information. True and radiant.

So something regards Dension:

Aetheric Oil > OIL > FAT > WACHS >

Smells, are in a Hells Kitchen,
a Power,
which moves Mountains!

Never Never,
Forgett the Cat down the Road.

So, next to that,
I’d Like to add another incense, i haven’t worked with yet:

I consider it normally unneccessary,
and it’s rather for Black Magick,
However, i consider myself a Lightworker and Purifier.
So i just want to throw that out there, for People practicing that current.
in my personal workings,
proven extremly reliable too.


All coutions may be taken.

Warfare, will not be tolerated,

at certain members,

as we’ve clearly whitnessed.


Here’s how you do it.

Let’s see what we can do with it. :sunny:



And to give that fire Forward:

I’ve used Astral Magic to clean my mess between LOA and DEMON Magic,

in a Easter Ritual.

I had increadible Success!

And i want to share it, so that Real Magic,
becomes a LIVING THING. :smiley:

Gemstones, By the Way, corespond to your Aura and you can get them quite cheep, if you don’t let your mind be fooled by Advertising.

So be honest to yourself.

Can you make a Ring, out of a Gemstone, and a Metal?
If you can, DO SO.

It’ll be awesome Talismans,
As one of the Defensive Tools i learned,
is you can use anything,
Even a Tattoo on you Opponent,
to connect.

But having Control over your own Energy,
is much more Powerful,
then Letting others dictate your Power.

There are Real Entitys Rising.

That has also been very very Clear,
for those who whitnessed.



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When the Monotheistic Religions around me,
Started to threat me down, i have to mention,
they started Building a Valey of Energy, going through my Current.

I now use their String, for my Goals.

I Learned,
can be useful Tools.

For those who Need any.

Real Magic,
Is beyond Warfare.
There are more valuable target’s
then killing People.

there are better Reasons to Life,
then being in Fear.

Harvesting such Emotions, however,
can be cleansed,
by balancing your inner Alchemy.

Use clean Light Sources,
(if you’re advanced enough, any Light you see),
to Balance the Energy,
and Banish within you.
That strengthens the Magick a LOT!



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I once heard a Shaman say,

how she couldn’t belive that People nowadays try to learn it in western culture.

She couldn’t belive,
why a Person here would like to become,
Such Engaged with These Forces,
which are Painful, Frightning and Stunning.

But then again,
she acknowledged,
That People Need the Medicine there,
even much more,
then anyone else.

Let’s flood the World,
Let’s Live the Magick,
Not breathing good and bad simiontaniously.
Having just one, smooth, fine relaxed,
Leaned Back Breath,
of Knowing,
That Life Lows Through every Vaine,
That Empowers your Being.

Like being in Love,
Learning to really use Magick,
as a Tool,
and obtain exact certain Outcomes.

That’s the Thing with physical Dension.

Making Things STAY in your life.




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Indeed! I get this.

As far as we all know we only have one shot at this physical realm. It is why we can’t quit.

Thanks for sharing the video, @Yberion. I just finished watching the two videos. Very interesting topic.

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  • Draw it like a Rune of Light, in front of your Body to Bless yourself.

Self-Invocation and Activation for interested Practicioners.

It’s the Standard Full Path theory,
where left is Minus,
and Right is Plus.

Ashes to Ashes,
Dust to Dust =
Ash Alash Tal Ash’tu.
To Devour.

3 to 1
2 to two

Pure Will Comes out of Pure Hearts.
Knowledge, Understanding, Comes Back to all of us. :wink:

For Left Hand Practicioners, Please revert the System / Adjust as needed!!!

In Yogic Practice / Shamanism, you can amplify results,
by taking the Position of a Goat.

Raising and angeling your Legs,
Standing on your toes.
straightening your spine, and opening your throat,
and your Chest, and your Belly.

The Belly, is the crossinpoint, for Dark art,
The Sacral Charka, beneath the belly,
is the centre for Healing / Lightwork.

  • And regarding the issue of “i want to become a star after i died.”
  • No,
    you’re supposed to live like one,
    not become one,
    when you’re gone! ^^

For instant casting,
just scroll the rune into air, and absorb it with the other Hand.



The Rune is Based on the Astral Path Sandalphon

  • The Messenger of Light,
    takes his path, when he ascend’s.

I’ve allways trusted that source,
and even tho most communication is without words,
it never left my unsecured.

The Infernal Equivalent,
is Malzath Hybreath,
The Bearer of Light.

For LOA / Vodoun, it’s Papa Legba.
For Satanism,
it’s Lucifer.

For Zotanism Zarathustrianism,
it’s Saturn.

Re-focusing is to be done on Intuition.
For those whom seek the greatest Challange,
and Gain out of their Life,
It’s COUNTER-Intuition.

The Ability,
to do exactly what feels worst,
To have the most Gratitude,
to work from.

Inner Polarization,
can be adjusted by Gemstones,
Magnetic Fields,
Astral Magick.
as well as Shamanism.

"you 're not the Map,
but inside of the Landscape.
Make great Ripples,
and Jinx,
as the unfolding Progresses!"
Just be Aware of common sense of Logic.

And overcome it.

It’s Life itself,
Game or not.

is Relative,
to what you detatch from.
is relative,
to what you Attatch towards.


Just in case i actually have to expand on this further in the future.