Experimenting with some less common servitor concepts

Hi everyone, I’m designing some new servitors using some different concepts to those I usually apply. I was wondering if anyone has tried similar designs and if so how they worked out and if there are any useful lessons you learned that you would like to pass on.

The new designs I’m going to experiment with are:

1). Long term or permanent detached service servitors.

The idea for this came about because I’m running quite a few servitors and I tend to call each one in every week for a quick pendulum chat and maintain a personal connection. But this is getting pretty time consuming.

So in terms of servitors utilised for or on someone else. I am wondering about the viability of tasking one and essentially leaving it to run on detached service so to speak, with little or no future contact from me (although I will maintain the facility to call it in myself for any reason).

I would envisage this as something that could be employed to someone’s benefit without their knowledge, or for baneful use.

I’ve already got some good tips on this from someone, but where this may differ (and this may be a key point) is that the target would be unaware that they have a servitor.

I have worked out feeding, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

I am now wanting to find out if there are any potential ramifications of leaving it unsupervised indefinitely. Ie, is it likely to weaken my authority over it? Any other concerns?

At this stage I am also looking at transferring their actual housing location into the target upon birthing. Ie, I would house it myself during gestation, but then send it (as per its written instructions) to house itself within the target.

I am wondering if anyone knows how viable it is to change a servitors housing location? Will this disrupt or weaken the connection to me that I would need for re-tasking etc?

2). Duplication and placement on command.

I am aware that many have created servitors designed to self replicate in order to produce a vast horde. I am also aware of duplication errors and diminishing returns etc with this approach.

I am considering something a little different: Making a servitor that can duplicate itself and place the duplicate inside a target on command.

Although there would be multiple duplicates created over time, duplication would not be automatic, nor would a duplicate be creating a duplicate.

Essentially it would have the ability to exert certain influences on a target in the long term. When tasked it would replicate itself and place the duplicate in the target, where it would be housed and exert its influence. When I want to set up long term influence over another target, I would designate that target and it would place a duplicate in that target.

I am not sure how viable this idea would be, so I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has tried it or has thoughts on its efficacy.

3). General question on baneful servitors.

I have a couple of baneful servitors, but I am not sure if they are delivering due to lack of target feedback. I made and deployed them about a year ago. Back then I was using far less diverse or persistent energy sources for them, so I re-programmed them a few days ago to remedy this. They now have much better fuelling available. Time will tell how this plays out.

So I am wondering whether others have had much success with baneful servitors and if so how it played out, how long did it take, whether you had any that didn’t work out and if you have thoughts as to why this was? I guess I’m asking what you think made some attack servitors work well and others less or ineffective.

Sorry for the long post, figured it was best to query these in one topic rather than producing multiple.

4). Attunements for servitors.
I have been pondering whether its possible to attune a servitor to an energy if one has such attunements. For example, I have some of Tempest’s attunements and was wondering whether a servitor could be attuned to these so that it can utilise these energies to assist in its work. Ie, if I use my Dantalion attunement to attune the servitor to that energy, could the servitor learn to channel that energy to assist in its influence operations?

Extending on this thought, could the servitor channel the energy its attuned to to further feed itself? if this is possible, would it risk a feeding loop that could cause the servitor to grow beyond limits, like the non-corporeal equivalent of a giant gorilla from a bad B grade movie :slight_smile:


I like to use things they would never suspect as a vessel, if they can’t know. I used Hello Kitty plushies for my daughters, I bought two, and kept one so that it would be easy for me to connect to it if needed and gave the other to her, as something I normally would see and pick up thinking she’d like it.

About the same as choosing to have a spirit do the work. Just like Luna can be sent to someone’s house to banish on their behalf for you, a baneful servitor can do the same things like whisper in their ear constantly about how they are a piece of shit or give them nightmares.

I’ve had some feedback due to coincidence, but most baneful targets are not directly in my life, so I’ve probably had as much feedback coincidentally come up as with any other baneful work that it just happened the target outed how successful the attack was, while having no idea.

People don’t tend to expect servitors, even if they are spiritually aware. Like, even my family who knows what I do, still don’t really understand.

What do you mean you make it, how can you create a spirit soul?

It turns out I’m not well equipped to explain it to people who have only a physical understanding of energy…

But it’s caused me to understand that even those experienced don’t expect you to be able to produce a spirit that can operate like the big guys, so that definitely provides opportunities in baneful application. Every badass mage out their thinks your going to send a god or demon to do the job, not your personal minions lol.


Yes if you actually received them, they should with direction to, be able to access the Energy transmitted and also attune themselves.

I get a little wonky on the retroactive part, as I think about how that would absorbed into your energy body and become part of you. It seems like you could have them share a transmission when it’s received, have them travel back in time and receive part of it, travel back and study it or duplicate it or I’m not sure the best approach.

I am sure the attunements are an energetic transmission, so they can receive it from you-be it you give it direct or they have to figure out how to get it from you.

I know energy that has been sent like an attunement can be accessed later in time by Individuals who had no idea it was being sent originally, simply by tapping into it once they do find it exists. Like the distance healing of a group, someone who wasn’t there can tap into it later, if the intention was broad enough they are allowed access.

So I believe it’s quite doable, it just might take some experimentation to figure out.


I like this idea.
I’m creating as a gift for a friend (without her knowledge) whose moving overseas. I’m also giving her a comical custom made t shirt (which I’m charging with healing energy). I could house it in there. But t shirts only last so long. I might look at getting her a more permanent object to sneak it into. In brief, its supposed to do the following for her:
-Attract genuine, authentic friendships into her life
-Cause those around her to hold her in high regard and treat her with friendship and kindness
-Bring more opportunities for joy into her life
-Repel anyone seeking to do her harm physically or emotionally
(plus in its feeding it also deals to any negative or harmful energies in or around her of course)

Funny you mention Hello Kitty. I once knitted a Hello Kitty soft toy for a friend and charged it up with healing energy when she was going through a difficult time.

Mine definitely won’t, hardly anyone at all in this country believes in this stuff :slight_smile: I’m interested to see how my banefuls perform now I’ve greatly increased their feeding accessibilities.

Excellent * rubs steepled fingers together like Mr Burns *

Many thanks for your assistance as always, it is greatly appreciated


No problem, I’m always pleased to see someone else thinking on the same wavelength enough I can explain my concepts to them lol.

It takes a tough crowd to follow my mind to word, explanation process :rofl::rofl::rofl: