Experiment: Non-Linear Time Perception

As promised, @Mapachtli, this is my update. It’s copied over from my personal journal so it may be quite lengthy.

Summary: goal of perceiving time in a nonlinear manner was achieved, tried to look at my “future” godform and accidentally ended up kinda stuck in old memories from my ‘first’ life, method has been excellent though the amount and intensity of eye and brow twitches were slightly alarming. I will be exploring it further. (Note: T is a companion of mine. Half-Outer God, half-human. Brains and the psyche are pretty much his hobby so I asked him for advice.)

After all the banishing, shielding, etc and getting into a meditative state, T advised me to direct an energy ball specifically into a part of my brain somewhere near the ears through the spine, on the left side specifically. The energy seemed to stimulate the brain, but soon dissipated into it. On successive attempts I was able to achieve “nonlinear time perception” for one object or two because the effect stopped the moment the supplied energy ran out.

T said that I should establish a constant energy supply from the root up to that area of the brain instead of feeding it a huge amount at once, and thus that’s exactly what I did. It worked exceptionally well, and I was on the verge of sensory overstimulation because the room I was in and everything outside it was bursting with images of their different states.

My eyes were twitching very badly. I remembered someone had suggested I view my own timeline first, and thus I tried. The two ‘ends’ were both shining bright white light, which really surprised me in a bad way. I tried to focus in and see my godform. For some reason my eyes were opening and closing involuntarily. I got a few glances of it but then everything vanished and I was no longer a spectator. My entire brow was twitching like crazy. I was the seraph of golden light, in that place with no shadows. These were very old memories that I’d prefer to forget.

I tried to shift my consciousness away but ended up somewhere where there was only white light, and “I” had no form. There was nothing there, I could not seem to leave and I called the names of those I was close with without any response. As a last resort I tried opening my physical eyes but all I saw was that same white nothing. I was a little freaked out. I tried to shift again, but instead a loud voice said, “You don’t want to be part of divinity. You want freedom? Fine, you’ll have it.” The light vanished and I had a very strange feeling. The closest I can describe it is a giant boot stamping on you, but at least when I opened my eyes this time, I was back in ‘reality’.

T seemed exceptionally proud of himself and asked me to work on the right back part of the brain next time to help expand my physical sight and to stop obsessing over Nyarlathotep. Hah, I’m trying! This has given me a lot to think about and brought up more questions that I expected, especially when I’m already uncertain about too many things. I’ve never really considered the brain angle before but it is pretty intriguing. I’ll look up some journal articles and go educate myself on brain nomenclature.


I’m glad you had some success with this, I decided to try this myself, here’s my result.
Obsession of time

Interestingly, I had the same twitchyness as you I described it as electricity through the body.

I was not able to interact with time, which Is why I think it was mostly memory recall on my part, however very crystal clear and vivid, also very detail precise. I think it would be worth attempting to travel in a time beyond our own life, such as before birth and in the future to confirm the possibility.

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I would hope the method of time travel can be successful enough to the point of influence when you are travelling; such as being able to interact with people and the environment. I really want to attend one of Stephen hawkings time traveller parties lol.

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Time is not linear, it is a spiral. You come back to the same places, people and things, time and time again, seeing it on a deeper level than before

Ive had a few epiphanies about time, one of them being, everything that has ever, and will ever happen is all happening simultaneously at the same time. All things in existence are overlapping and twined together


Yes, the twitches were bad, even my arms moved at times. I wonder if it was some excess energy getting into the motor control parts for both of us or something else?

For me, the memories were from a time before birth. My ‘first life’ to be precise. I’m not sure if I actually traveled there of if those were just memories, but it felt really real. I mean in it the sense that most memories can have accurate details but the emotions often felt dulled or off. And yes, it’d be cool to do that, especially for the future!

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Sometimes I wonder why our consciousness is stuck in the now, with so much effort required to even step beyond it.

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Hard to say about the twitches it’s possible we both were not focusing precisely on the right spot and it was spilling over into other portions.

Needless to say, more experimentation would be good and ideally more subjects.

I am glad we both reaped similar results, it’s good data.

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With that in mind, balg, calling for more lab rats on this study.

Perception i guess

Idk about you but for me second attempt was very challenging. That portion of my brain seemed to struggle and I could only hold a moment briefly.

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I have not yet had a second attempt, will do so a bit later on. You mean the energy couldn’t be maintained there? :o

Wasn’t easy, felt very drained.

I’m thinking there needs to be some kind of supplementary means of recharging the self just for this practice, short of taking time off.

I discovered this same thing last year. I find it fascinating and saves much confusion.


Psychic vampirism is something to look into if you need extra fuel for practices.

You could draw energy from the environment. Sun, moon, shadows, whatever floats your boat I guess!

I have tried it again, and again for some reason memories from a distant past life appeared. At this point I am more certain that those are memories and not true travel to the extent that the events can be altered. Though honestly, I am pretty wary of the butterfly effect, especially when knowing time isn’t linear. Unless that change was accounted for, too, and has already happened. Hm.

I haven’t felt any exhaustion, though I did take some time in between attempts. This time I also linked the occipital lobe to the pineal gland, with both to the root. There were still some twitches, but not as bad as the first time. It’s strangely effective. I’ve always downright sucked at seeing stuff like energy with my physical eyes but I managed to see auras (with color!) and other things this time.

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I’m glad I heard about this peculiar condition then, seems quite effective and makes me believe a host of other things regarding temporal lobe epilepsy.

It is interesting to view these memories, I’ve been able to access recent ones to accurate precision and yes I also have less twitching overall.

Makes me curious to apply other ideas to conditions with odd occurrences I’ve read about before.

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