Experiment; Direct Magic Sigil

I’ve been reading a bit on Direct magic, which is something I kinda knew was possible but never really took the time to look into. So I have a bit of an idea;

One of the most popular banishing rituals has the mage draw an upright pentagram in the air. The pentagram can be thought of as a general sigil.

So what if I create a more complex symbol to draw into the air and program it to summon a specific ethereal spirit?

The programming, charging and servitor creating/getting might work better with other methods but after I’ve set up everything, I can just draw in the air and summon a spirit binded to me to do my bidding.

I’ll probably start doodling today to see what I come up with.


That is a form of direct magick yes, but you still need to have the sigil memorized beforehand.


Created a sigil and a servitor spirit to be summoned. I decided to write his name in both Arabic letters and Latin letters because I like the way his consonant-combination looks and sounds in Arabic. Programming will start soon. Luquras is a physical protection, place-guardian and bane-inflictor spirit. I will charge the original sigil with moonlight and then absorb the energy to program it to summon the servitor without the need to physically draw his seal. (Images are sideways, tilt your head to the left to see them)

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