Experiences with qliphothic Astrology?

I wanna know my Qliphothic Guardian Demon.
I’m Cancer with Pluto in the first house.
Ascendent Scorpio.

Can anyone tell about Qliphothic Astrology?


I have a book Qliphothic Astrology by Bill Duvendack. With your full birth data (natal chart), you get your four primary Goetic Demons. As well with ruling planets associated with your zodiac sign you can find corresponding Qliphothic Spheres and Tunnels. But if you have little or no practical experience Tunnels of Set by Asenath Mason is worth reading.


Is it Tunnel of Set correspond to zodiac sign or ruling planets? For example: Libra - Venus, Lafcursiax or Dagdagiel?

The Venus corresponds to sphere A’Arab Zaraq, and Libra corresponds to 22nd Qliphotic tunnel Lafcursiax and demon Obiriron

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