Experiences with Odin

when a spirit visits you,they will always deliver a sigil?

i am asking this because it was the first time that it happened with me(or maybe i didnt saw,due to the amazingness situation)

and if yes,why it never happens with Odin?
instead of this,i spent like 15 minutes receiving a sea of symbolism in very fast pace like a discharge of mixed symbols/images/colors,it was the firts time that i felt that i was not more in control of my toughts,i was even asking to myself if this dont stop,what will happen with me

it was like someone pluging a hard drive in my mind to discharge the information,but fast pace kind of made me feel that my brain was 4-core processor and the information that were being transmited by a 64-core processor…

i also noted that the wise one looks totally human,even the traces of the skin(also his hat is not that big like they paint on the pictures) it is indeed medium to small and he have a kind of worried face,indeed the most amazing manifestation that i saw until today…

i was able to see only his face,it is the second time that i was able to see him manifested but this time much more strong.


Not always, sigils mainly come from the relatively recent period when people thought all spirits were demonic (or at least publicly claimed that) and are not found before then, but many spirits deliver them because it;s expected.

I recognise that feeling! :smiley: