Experiences with M.T.H.O.S. (Morphosephram)

Has anyone had any experiences using the rituals described in the Morphosephram: The Handbook of Shadows (M.T.H.O.S.)? I’m very curious to know if it works and if anyone has successfully changed themselves, even slightly, using those methods.

Here’s a link to the book that I’m talking about. Anyone tried it?


May i ask what’s holding you back from trying it?
Most propably, what’s been writen there had been based on very real expieriences, which someone couldn’t deny and felt worthy of spreading.

And as far as i understand your forum naming, you do seek to get aprovel by scientific means to stuff that’s usually considered to belong outside of science. :wink:



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I will perform the rituals, I came onto this forum so I could learn enough to do them. I’ll update u then but it’ll be awhile

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It looks like a very demanding practise, a good knowledge of Enochian, a plenty of candles, oils, rocks… I think a mentor is needed to succeed.


@Yberion David has summed it up; it is a very intense practice. Also, for me to dedicate all of my energy to this, I’d like to know that it’s at least worked for someone else first. After all, it would really suck to put in all that work and not get anything out of it.

Respectfully, I would strongly disagree with that characterization of the occult. In the strictest sense, science simply means knowledge, having been derived from the Latin word for knowledge, scientia. The occult is the study of hidden knowledge, but it is knowledge all the same.

I look forward to reading about your experience!


I’ll keep u posted, but wraithe told me he is also working on a version that causes instant transformation with no ritual. So I’m waiting for that new iteration to try. I learned about it right after asking King Paimon for help shifting too so I think he helped :grinning:


@Rohanius You’re in contact with Wraithe? If so, do you know when this planned update will be published?

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I don’t know when it will be published. And I talked to him over email.

If you don’t mind me asking, where did you find his email? I’d love to ask him a few questions.

It is on his website, but it may take him a few weeks to respond so keep that in mind


It seems really interesting. If nothing else worth a read. Might be able to take away some ideas and add them your practice. Magick is very self fulfilling. If you can get to the core of what the author is trying to say/do, you can edit and make your own way. It doesnt have to have all the props, but I bet it works better if it does. Its kind of like what BALG tries to do with aspects of magic here: strip them down to the core simple concepts so that anyone can do them (the ones that pop to mind are the Soul Travel, and Evocation courses. I havent done the Divination course so I dont know).

Im going to bookmark this for later.