Experiences with Lord Khonshu/Khensu

I have been working closely with the Lord Khonshu(as he likes to be called). He has shown me much truths and much falseness that I have learnt. I want to give some details about my own experiences

Khonshu: You who know nothing can understand nothing, I am the Lord of the Moon-Khons. I see your own reasoning for summoning me, now answer me this-who are you and what is it you desire?

Me: I seek enlightenment

Khonshu: You are my emissary, my high priest! Understand your own desires! I am in control over demons, those who would seek to control me are mistaken! Go now, feel my power and feel enlightened!

Have any of you gone to Lord Khonshu at any point in your life?


no,I have´nt gone to him yet but he is a topic on my website so im currently looking into him.